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Daniel Craig as 007

By on 12.18.06 | 4:18PM

Jed: I realize that the new (old) James Bond movie, Casino Royale, has been out for a few weeks, but I was just able to see it this past weekend (due to this lovely head cold going around DC). You aimed quite a bit of criticism at the lead actor back in April during filming of the movie on this blog (Daniel Craig) and I wanted to respond to you having now seen the movie.

You said then:

"Look, Craig. Bond is a hip-shooting, hard-drinking, fast-car-driving tough guy. Deal with it, or clear out."

"Will 007 trade the Aston Martin for a Toyota Prius?"

First, Daniel Craig's James Bond in Casino Royale is the hardest, hottest, and coldest Bond ever. Period.

As for hip-shooting? I quote M from the movie, "You are racking up quite the body count." Hard-drinking? He is poisoned by his new "Vesper" martini -- and then reaches for another one. And then while fast-car-driving, crashes hard. This Bond is the ultimate Bond.

And not to ruin it for anyone, but Bond drives a Ford in this one -- but only once. Remember, all, Ford now owns Aston Martin.

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