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Rick Perry on States’ Rights

The governor fires up CPAC

By on 3.7.14 | 10:26AM

Texas Governor Rick Perry electrified the crowds with his passionate words this morning at CPAC.

Perry introduced his speech discussing the weakened state of America’s place in the world, but quickly turned to solutions and hope:

It’s time for a little rebellion on the battle field of ideas!

His battle cry? Look to the states.

He devoted a good portion of his speech to complimenting his fellow red-state governors, including Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal, Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, and Florida’s Rick Scott. Perry said that conservative governors are the “common denominator” between “flourishing” red states. He jabbed at subsidies, the nanny-state, and Obamacare, mentioning the “freedom of the individual” over and over.

His words invited hearty applause from the audience, which erupted into a Texas-sized standing ovation toward the end of his speech.

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