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Rubio’s Middle Ground

A third-way foreign policy at CPAC.

By on 3.6.14 | 3:15PM


In his speech at CPAC this morning, Senator Marco Rubio worked hard to find a middle ground between neoconservatives and Rand Paul on foreign policy.

He focused on the global state of the world – bloodshed in Venezuela, China’s overreach, North Korea’s missile power, Putin’s totalitarian control – and asked Americans to remember that all of this global unrest has negative effects on the American economy:

Americans must be involved in leading the world... we cannot ignore the reality of who we are and the global importance of this nation.

He pled with younger Americans to consider what their world will look like in ten years if we do nothing.

But how will he practically influence the world without directly getting involved militarily? He didn’t quite say.

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