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Israeli Navy Seizes Iranian Rockets Bound for Gaza

By on 3.5.14 | 10:28AM

Today, the Israeli Navy seized Iranian weapons on a cargo ship en route to Sudan. These weapons would have been transported by ground to Gaza via Egypt from where they would have been launched against civilian targets in Israel. The ship contained M-302 rockets, the same weapon used by Hezbollah in the 2006 Israeli-Hezbollah war. 
Of course, this is not the first time Israel has seized Iranian weapons at sea. In 2002, Israel seized weapons aboard the Karine A which were bound for the Palestinian Authority. This incident led President George W. Bush to ostracize the late Yasser Arafat after he lied to Bush about his knowledge of the shipment. 
Naturally, President Obama will not draw any such lessons about the true nature of either Iran or the Palestinians (be they ruled by Fatah or Hamas). As witnessed on numerous occasions, most recently in his interview with Jeffrey Goldberg last month, Obama believes the onus of all the ails the Middle East lay solely with Israel, not Iran or the Palestinians. Obama tells Israel that time is running out, but has endless patience with Iran and the Palestinians.
Meanwhile, Israel will do what it needs to do to ensure its survival whether Obama likes it or not.

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