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Homeschooling Family to Remain in U.S. After All

By on 3.4.14 | 6:22PM

Ben Brophy will be pleased to know that the Romeike family will be allowed to stay in the United States indefinitely following an intervention from the Department of Homeland Security. The Romeikes have been granted "indefinite deferred status" which means, as long as they don't get arrested, they can stay here forever.
Earlier in  the day, Ben expressed his displeasure with yesterday's decision by the U.S. Supreme Court not to hear the Romeikes homeschooling case and let the Obama Administration have it. "Yet this administration seeks to deny them asylum and return them to a country that refuses to allow them their liberty," Ben writes.
I hate to break it to Ben, but the Reagan Administration wouldn't have granted them refugee status either. As much as I loathe the follies of the Obama Administration, in this instance they acted no differently any of their predecessors would have. 
As I have argued previously, Germany's homeschooling laws are awful as has been their treatment of both the Romeikes and the Wunderlich family. However, our refugee system is reserved for those facing death or imprisonment if they were to return to their country of origin. Germans, be they homeschoolers or not, are simply not eligible to attain refugee status in the United States.
Let us also consider that homeschooling is legal in most other EU countries. So why weren't the Romeikes able to homeschool their children on the other side of the Atlantic?
Nevertheless, I am glad a remedy other than refugee status was found to allow to Romeikes to remain in America to be left alone to educate their children in peace.

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