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States With The Lowest Alcohol Tax Rates

By on 2.19.14 | 2:53PM

Other states should take note of Wyoming, Louisiana, and New Hampshire. These three states respectively have the lowest tax rates for beer, wine, and spirits.

The numbers were reported by Michael Chapman of 

Lowest Beer Taxes Per Gallon

50. Wyoming, $0.02

49. Missouri,  $0.06

48. Wisconsin, $0.06

Lowest Wine Taxes Per Gallon

50. Louisiana, $0.11

49. California, $0.20

48. Texas,  $0.20

Lowest Liquor/Spirits Taxes Per Gallon

50. Wyoming, $0.00

49. New Hampshire, $0.00

48. West Virginia, $1.87

Turns out my current residential state, Virginia, has the third-highest cost per gallon of liquor in the country at $19.19. I should probably drink more beer.

While it appears that Wyoming and New Hampshire have no excise tax, the government actually controls all sales; thus, liquor may be subject to so-called "ad valorem" mark-ups. This means higher property taxes, sales taxes, or value-added taxes. 

California surprises me the most, but it makes sense with their expansive wine industry. A lower tax rate with a huge rate of consumption still means high revenues. 

So should I move to the liquor-friendly New Hampshire? Or follow so many others and head to Texas?

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