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Romney Hammered?

By on 12.13.06 | 5:04PM

The gang at Talking Points Memo and TPMCafe detect "gay rights bashing" at The American Spectator. Apparently my piece from Monday not only "smacks" Mitt Romney for "pro-gay rights comments" but also features me "hammering Romney for his 'inconsistencies.'"

Relax. The article, as can be determined even from the portions TPMCafe quotes, discusses whether Romney's apparent shift on gay rights, as reported in such notorious gay-bashing publications as the New York Times, will undermine his claim to be the socially conservative alternative to John McCain and Rudy Giuliani. I point out that both gay activists and religious conservatives from Massachusetts have worked to publicize the governor's past comments, and conclude that Romney is going to have to explain himself.

If Greg Sargent thinks this analysis constitutes "smacking" and "hammering," he needs to get out more.

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