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Ann Coulter to Discuss ‘Adios America,’ Sign Books in Anaheim on Monday, July 13

By on 7.9.15 | 5:59PM

In the way of the world, Ann Coulter, who has been out there beating the drums endlessly on illegal immigration, suddenly is at the center of the storm with her bestselling Adios America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole.  The disgraceful tragedy with Kate Steinle  and Donald Trump’s attention — Coulter had sent him her book — is now lifting a Coulter appearance out of the normal, if there is such a thing.

You can count that her upcoming appearance that was originally scheduled for the Nixon Library will be huge, with the left doubtless just waiting to show up and disrupt. The event has been moved from the Library to a nearby and larger hotel because of popular demand, and you can imagine what lies ahead.

So if you are in the Anaheim, California area and want to show up to hear Ann’s passionate voice on the hottest topic going and get a book signed — and keep a wary eye on the libs we all know will show up to disrupt — here’s the info: 

Josh Earnest Invokes David Duke

By on 7.9.15 | 5:12PM

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest invoked former Klansmen David Duke in response to a House decision to pull the appropriations bill for the Department of the Interior. Earlier in the week, the House had accepted amendments to ban the Confederate flag in cemeteries run by the National Park Service. But the bill was taken back following concerns by some House Republicans that Southern history was being excised.

After the bill was pulled back, House Speaker John Boehner called for an “adult” debate about Confederate symbols. But asking the Obama Administration to have an adult debate is like asking Iran not to engage in anti-Semitism.

In reference to House Republican Whip Steve Scalise, Earnest said, “These are these same House Republicans who voted for a party leader who once described himself as, quote, ‘David Duke without the baggage.’”

Chuck Schumer Will Save You From Cell Phone Cases That Sort of Look Like Guns

By on 7.9.15 | 3:43PM

Now that he's won his battle against those Tide Pods that supposedly look like candy to small children, who are, apparently, eating them by the millions, Chuck Schumer is taking on yet another threat to your very health and safety, and everything you hold dear in this life and the next. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Chuck Schumer is here to rescue you from cell phone cases that kind of look like guns.

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) is raising alarm about the sale of iPhone cases that are made to look like the handle of a 9 mm handgun. 

In letters to online retailers and U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the senator said the product is a disaster waiting to happen and warned it might violate federal law. 

The New York senator's warning had an immediate effect; Amazon and eBay told news outlets they were removing listings for the product. 

Clinton Thinks Trump is a Racist But Won’t Give Back His Donation

By on 7.9.15 | 3:25PM

I suppose that, when you openly solicit donations from entire nations who still think stoning women to death for being raped is an acceptable practice, holding on to a couple hundred thousand from a guy with a big mouth and a penchant for "speaking his mind" about Mexican immigrants barely registers on your radar.

In her first television interview as a Presidential contender, Hillary Clinton (who was not asked what its like being a "feminist" candidate whose family is funded by decidedly oppressive regimes) called Trump's comments that Mexican immigrants are, generally, rapists, inappropriate and expressed her "disappointment" that the Republican Party is not doing more to rein Trump in, because, apparently, that's their job. At no time did she mention that Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka, a successful entrepreneur in her own right, have contributed somewhere in the ballpark of $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation, and the Clinton Foundation has no plans to return the money.

Alan Grayson Will Run for Senate in Florida

By on 7.9.15 | 1:17PM

That headline should probably read, "Former Rep. Alan Grayson to Run for Senate in Florida Because This is the Best Day Ever, Sorry Democrats."

Dems have been working hard to find an acceptable replacement for Sen. Marco Rubio, who is vacating his seat to run for President. It's not very easy since, after all, the Florida Dems live in Florida, where people get high on bath salts and eat other people's faces, and dudes walk around Miami Beach wearing living snakes as accessories. The last thing they needed was noted crazypants former Rep. Alan Grayson to challenge their hand-picked candidate. 

But yet, here we are

Next year’s Florida Senate primary between Reps. Alan Grayson and Patrick Murphy will test whether Sunshine State Democrats are ready to embrace a deep-blue liberal.

Sen. Murray and the ‘No Evidence for School Choice’ Canard

By on 7.9.15 | 12:55PM

There are many good reasons to oppose a federal school voucher program, but a supposed lack of evidence that school choice improves student outcomes isn’t one of them. Sadly, Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), the ranking minority member of the U.S. Senate’s education committee, repeated this canard during the debates over a proposed amendment that would have added a federal school voucher program to the No Child Left Behind replacement bill: 

What’s more, studies of voucher programs in Milwaukee and the District of Columbia have shown that they do not improve students’ academic achievements, she said. “Study after study has shown that vouchers do not pay off for students or taxpayers,” Murray said.

Hillary Clinton Tells CNN Her Emails Were Never Subpoenaed, Which Is Weird Because They Were

By on 7.9.15 | 12:24PM

Thank heavens Hillary Clinton is still absolutely and blissfully convinced that people trust her, otherwise, she might be concerned with how quickly her softball CNN interview was fact-checked. 

There weren't any real questions to dodge in Hillary's sit-down, which aired Tuesday on CNN and marked her first interaction with the press in two months, so it's hard to believe that there'd be something so blatantly incorrect said in the first several minutes. According to the former Secretary of State, not a single human being on Earth had a problem with her private email server, all of her emails were available to investigators, who were so unconcerned with her communication, they never even issued her a subpoena.  

Making the Sale

By on 7.9.15 | 10:52AM

I have a most unpleasant appointment this afternoon with a hearing aid saleswoman who calls herself a “health care professional.” The lying jade told me, in what passed for a clinical test, that I didn’t understand half of what she told me. It was she who didn’t hear me, mind, and yet she boasted afterwards that she was a “normal-hearing person.” Smug little jezebel!

It’s what one expects, however. If she says there’s a problem, she makes a sale. Same thing at a garage. How often has a mechanic told you, from under the hood, “clean as a whistle”? I went through this for years until I sold my old Ford Explorer. Until then I had had the garage on speed-dial.

That’s how my father practiced medicine. With his skills honed in the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, he became adept at emergency surgery, and afterwards firmly believed that there were few ailments that couldn’t be cured by loping off a limb or two. And so a patient would come in complaining of a headache and leave with one less arm. Laugh. if you must, but old Stumpy never complained of a headache again!

The Arctic Still Isn’t ‘Ice Free’ Despite Alarmism

By on 7.8.15 | 5:36PM

It’s been two years since former vice president Al Gore claimed the Arctic would be free of sea ice, and despite fears of a hastening polar “death spiral” earlier this year, the north pole looks like it could have near normal ice coverage this summer.

After experiencing its lowest maximum sea ice extent on record, the Arctic ice coverage has rebounded and is currently within its normal 30-year range. Near the end of May 2015, experts warned the Arctic “ice extent was at daily record low levels” because of early ice melting in the Bering Sea and low ice conditions in the Barents Sea.

Yet, even during the May melt, “ice [was] tracking at near-average levels” in other parts of the Arctic, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center. The Arctic is nearing the peak melting time for the year and sea ice levels are well above where they were in 2012 — that year saw record low levels in the early summer months.

Move over Barbie! Feminist Coloring Books Available This August!

By on 7.8.15 | 5:16PM

If as a women you have been feeling unempowered and looked down upon because of your anatomy, then today you can finally leave your mark in the world, literally.

Feminist writer and speaker Ijeoma Oluo is creating a “Badass Feminist Coloring Book” to print and be sold in August. Funded on, customers can sign up to fund the production of the book. Donations of $25 dollars receive the coloring book. The book has already raised $15,958, nearly four times its original $4,000 goal.

Oluo said the book will contain at least 20 different feminist and a matching “badass feminist quotes”. Here's one...unconventional...example from their website:


The proceeds will be divided into four categories: 25 percent towards the feminists pictured, 30 percent towards printing and shipping, 30 percent to Oluo, and 15 percent towards unanticipated costs.