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Re: 9-7 Gets T-O

By on 3.19.06 | 12:35AM

Jed: I like Terrell Owens. Whatever he does off the field keeps the likes of ESPN in business. On the field he's as good as anyone around. Remember when he claimed midfield in Cowboy Stadium for himself some years ago while still a 49er? It was rotten sportsmanship, perhaps, but also brave and audacious. Anyway, it now appears he was only looking ahead. You think Bill Parcells will for one moment tolerate any nonsense from him? As it is, Parcells got rid of one headcase, Keyshawn Johnson, to make room for Owens, who's at least ten times better. Almost singlehandedly, on a warped ankle, Owens kept the Eagles in the Super Bowl last year. Parcells has a way of channeling thuggishness to his team's advantage. The Redskins should be mighty worried. Not to mention the Eagles. Good for Owens for choosing to remain in the same division. Should make the NFL East next fall the only one really worth watching.

Two Iran Attentions: Two Puzzles

By on 3.18.06 | 9:42PM

Bill Broad of the NYT writes of Iran's missile program in Sunday 19 NYT. Separately, Broad does not deny that that it is possible (no confirm) that Iran has a two track nuke fuel or missile program. Could likely be a second, totally hidden track, much more advanced, for their nuke fuel program or missile program or both.

Also, best Iran anti-regime source (who has said before that Iran has deployed 300 Shahab 3 and has a new Ghadar program, multi-stage, using Russian prototypes) says that there is a major presser on Monday in DC to annouce new detail on the Iran nuke fuel program. This presser is linked to the UN work in NY.

Puzzle 1: Are we being fed revelations on the Natanz and Isfahan and so forth so that we do not look elsewhere?

Puzzle 2: Broad did mention that the centrifuges at Natanz are antiques. Also, it took the US just three years to make the bomb in '45. It took Pakistan ten years. Iran has been working on this project since 1987 at least. Puzzle, what is the game at the UN for?

9-7 Gets T-O

By on 3.18.06 | 9:20PM

So the 9-7 Dallas Cowboys have signed Terrell Owens, one of the most repulsive personalities in sports. They now, by contract, deserve each other. Owens, the personification of all that's wrong in professional sports, was justifiably shunned by the rest of the NFL after being booted off the Philadelphia Eagles. Dallas has agreed to a three-year $25 million contract with TO. It remains to be seen how many millions' worth of excellence on the field they get, and how many millions' worth of thuggishness. I expect the split to be about even.

Reid’s ‘06 Strategy: Drive Troop Morale Down

By on 3.18.06 | 5:16PM

When the President speaks before military audiences, he encourages the troops and reassures them that they're serving a worthy cause. Now Rowan Scarborough reports that Harry Reid's office is urging Senate Democrats to plan their own events:

• "Hold a town hall meeting with state officials and a local National Guard unit at their armory to discuss the security impact of long deployments. ... Ask National Guard members to offer input on how security and disaster response at home is compromised by long deployments."


• "Work with [veterans] organizations ... to find recently returned Iraq and Afghanistan veterans willing to discuss the mental effects they or their fellow veterans have experienced."

Nice, huh?

Re: WMD, DNI, Saddam Tapes, Russia

By on 3.18.06 | 4:55PM

Easy there. Byron York is a veteran of The American Spectator and among the best investigative reporters in the country. Regarding Loftus and Tierney, he pointed out troubling facts that have yet to be disputed. Another great reporter, Stephen Hayes, deserves much of the credit for doggedly pursuing the release of captured documents from Iraq; he's been pushing ahead on the story at the Weekly Standard since long before the release. Hayes, who knows more about this topic than almost anyone outside of the government, cautioned last month against either dismissing or hyping the material.

We're all on the same side here. When we start turning on each other for the crime of attempting to get at the truth about a war we all supported, something has gone very, very wrong.

WMD, DNI, Saddam Tapes, Russia

By on 3.18.06 | 2:04PM

Mention that Negroponte and the apparatchiks at DNIville are in full retreat with regard the unexploited docs and tapes from the late Saddam regime.

You will recall several weeks back, a York spent a few days shopping noise that there was something amiss with and John Loftus and Bill Tierney with regard a release of twelve hours of audio tapes made during a decade of war council meetings in Baghdad between Saddam and his lackeys. ............ Those Saddam tapes are the key that unlocked the three thousand hours of tapes that are in the possession of Negroponte and are now said to be enroute to release. Slowly, because Negroponte is a bitter and irrelevant man, ignored by the war fighters and the other intel enterprises: his power consists in saying no to Congress ...........................................................

Additional note: there is more than Hoekstra's committee chasing the WMD story. Curt Weldon now gets involved. I have much more, will develop in time.

Iran War Plan: First Window Opening

By on 3.18.06 | 11:04AM

Best signals source indicates the window for concern is March 21 to April 8 to watch for a multiple front offensive by Tehran.

The window has been in the signals since last December, so it is not tied to the UN Security Council action with regard the IAEA referral.

The window may already have achieved its aim by intimidating and marshalling the disparate elements of the Iranian war plan. Syria, Hizballah, Sadr, AlQ, Russia, Cairo, Beijing -- and more, all these are elements in the war plan.

The war plan has three distinct targets:

1. War on oil. To break the U.S. resistance by driving the price of oil into the $80-$100 region and hacking into all GDP projections.

2. Wipe Israel off the map. A decap strike at Jerusalem is credible, or a strike that separates Israel from its supporters.

3. The U.S. political apparatus. Iran has determined that the U.S. cannot deal effectively with a foreign policy crisis in an election year.

Yaliban at Foggy Bottom

By on 3.18.06 | 10:13AM

Yale Taliban (Yaliban) source points to a new break in the story soon enough, asking the question how did the Talabina regime flack with a fourth grade education get a visa to enter the United States of America? This will turn the investigation from asking what Yale's admission office did to avoid common sense to what did the State Department do to avoid the safeguards against the enemy.

Mention the thickly ironic detail that almost twenty thousand rejection letters are going out next week to those families not as cunning as the Taliban to get their prodigies into Yale.

Foggy Bottom is most vulnerable. Waivers get reviewed. Officials who skirt safeguards get suspended. Student visas get canceled.

Yaliban looks like a good bet for Lahore University with his own show on AlQ TV: My Year With Infidels.

French Capitalism

By on 3.18.06 | 8:17AM

An oxymoron? If so, why bother? As students pick up where mad Muslims left off -- torching cars, throwing stones -- one's got to wonder whether France shouldn't just stop the anguish of failure and give in to socialism. With unemployment rates like this, who needs French capitalism?

Re: Stevens

By on 3.18.06 | 12:06AM

Quin: There are rumors about Stevens retiring almost every year. Don't believe 'em.