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Funny Catholics in L.A.

By on 4.30.06 | 7:09PM

If you have any doubts that something's truly amiss in the Los Angeles archdiocese -- or even American Catholicism -- watch this video. And don't stop just because it hurts.

UPDATE: Ack! If you thought, where is the cardinal? Cardinal Mahony's presiding.

Re: Mexican Congress On Crack

By on 4.30.06 | 10:39AM

Tabin: you fight the good fight, my friend, but this law is a chaos factory. "Several doses" of heroin for a first-time user is a fine ticket for a round trip ride on the midnight train, more than enough to teach a man how to ride a horse -- all the way to town. His eventual addiction will outpace, outlast, and finally outsmart even the Mexican government.

The law will, by then, have succeeded only in delaying the smack-fueled crossing of its redrawn line in the sand. Which, I suppose, has its appeal when one's too busy trying to keep cops from going crooked to keep kids from getting bent.

Re: Mexican Congress On Crack

By on 4.30.06 | 3:34AM

James: I'll bet you an evening's serving of your drug of choice (wine, right?) that this bill will have almost no effect on addiction and drug-related death in Mexico. The bill legalizes possession of 5 grams of marijuana, two MDMA pills, a half a gram of cocaine, 25mg of heroin, and 1 kilogram of peyote. With the exception of the peyote, which I suspect gets special treatment because of its role in Native American religious ritual, these are tiny amounts: four joints, two hits of ecstasy, four lines of coke. Twenty-five milligrams of heroin is several doses for a first time user, but wouldn't do much for an addict: According to a study by the Swiss government, after 6 months of regular use (the point at which tolerance generally levels off into a stable dose), the mean daily dose of heroin is 491.7mg.

And remember, this is Mexico we're talking about: Standard operating procedure when caught for small drug possession is to bribe the cops and go on your way. Surely a modest bit of drug legalization is preferable to that sort of endemic corruption.

Mexican Congress On Crack

By on 4.29.06 | 5:06PM

Just in time for the national walkout, back in the home country the Mexican Congress makes us all feel a whole lot better about our southerly neighbor's contribution to law and order by handing Vicente Fox a bill decriminalizing the possession of drugs. Which drugs? All drugs. In what amounts? "Small" amounts -- though the definition of smallness is as liberal as the rest of the bill.

Read it and weep:

"This law gives police and prosecutors better legal tools to combat drug crimes that do so much damage to our youth and children," said Fox's spokesman, Ruben Aguilar.

Better tools -- like bent spoons and broken light bulbs. Fox will sign. Junkies will multiply. Deaths will accumulate. Mexico will rot.

Rush to Judgment

By on 4.28.06 | 7:27PM

Nice try, ABC, but there'll be no takers. Despite its sensationalist headline earlier this evening -- "RUSH LIMBAUGH HAS BEEN ARRESTED ON PRESCRIPTION FRAUD CHARGES, SAYS PALM BEACH COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE" -- the real story, as Drudge has just noted, is that all charges against Limbaugh will be dropped in 18 months if he continues to seek treatment from the doctor who's been treating him the last two and half years. It's not an arrest if the case has been settled.

UPDATE: Surprise, Surprise: Both the New York Times and Washington Post are running the same headline on their websites: "Rush Limbaugh Arrested for Prescription Drug Charges." The L.A. Times, however, gets it right: "Limbaugh Settles on Drug Charges."

On Managing Hurricane Relief

By on 4.28.06 | 6:51PM

City Journal has a compelling piece on Houston's ability to manage crises with impressive efficiency and creativity. It's long, but you'll want to read it all.

NCAA’s Bureaucrats Know Best

By on 4.28.06 | 6:16PM

Following up on the new NCAA policy banning "hostile" or "abusive" Indian nicknames, the college athletics organization has denied appeals from three schools, including the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux. If you're wondering what's offensive about the Fighting Sioux, so are some Sioux. UND had a letter of support from a tribal leader, to no avail.

Frankly, Scarlett…

By on 4.28.06 | 5:37PM

As reported by the Beeb, Iranian “President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said…Iran did not "give a damn" about UN resolutions over its research.” Ahmadinejad’s statement was in response to an ever-so-tepid report from the IAEA that affirmed that Iran was ignoring UN pleas to stop enriching uranium.

I hereby sentence Kofi and the Kupcakes to write, “Diplomacy that is not backed by a credible threat of force cannot succeed” one hundred times on the blackboard each day for the next week.

As the threat of

Diplomacy “Just Beginning” on Iran

By on 4.28.06 | 1:59PM

Just beginning? That's what President Bush says. Methinks that won't have them shaking in their boots. At this rate, by the time that trusty diplomacy gets toward the end, Iran will have a nuclear weapon.

Union Man

By on 4.28.06 | 12:22PM

Best. Congressman. Ever!

John Sweeney (R-NY) hangs at a frat party….