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Liberals Love Perjuring Bomber Brett Kimberlin — And Hate Free Speech

By on 9.18.13 | 6:20AM

One million dollars -- that's the amount of punitive damages that convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin is seeking from myself and four other bloggers in a lawsuit recently filed in Maryland. Kimberlin filed this lawsuit pro se (charging "malicious prosecution, conspiracy to abuse process, defamation, false light invasion of privacy, harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and stalking") more than two weeks ago, but I haven't written much about this suit because I haven't yet retained counsel.

The fact that Democrats and their liberal allies in the media will not condemn Brett Kimberlin has angered me since May 2012, when I first started covering the story (see my American Spectator articles "Terror by Any Other Name" and "Online Armageddon"). Because Kimberlin once claimed to have sold marijuana to Dan Quayle, he was celebrated by many liberals -- including Doonesbury cartoonist Gary Trudeau -- as a political prisoner of sorts. Liberals ignored the facts about the crimes of which Kimberlin was convicted in 1981 and sentenced to 50 years in federal prison. He eventually served only 17 years of that sentence, and since his release in 2001, Kimberlin has promoted himself as a progressive, an "activist-musician" as the Washington Post's Monica Hesse called Kimberlin in a 2007 feature profile.

The true story of the "Speedway Bomber" who terrorized an Indiana town, planting a bomb that blew off the leg of a Vietnam veteran, evidently isn't something the Washington Post considers newsworthy. And neither has the Post shown any interest in Kimberlin's legal war against blogger Aaron Walker that resulted in Walker being briefly arrested last year and ordered by a Maryland judge to stop writing about Kimberlin.

Words can scarcely express my contempt for theWashington Post and its wretched dishonesty in this regard -- but hey, I felt obliged to try. My scorn for that filthy disgrace to the profession of journalism is mentioned in Kimberlin's lawsuit, perhaps because as a convicted perjurer, Kimberlin feels a deep affinity for the kind of wretchedly dishonest people employed by the Washington Post. A lawyer would probably advise that it wouldn't behoove me to say much more about the 1978 shooting of the grandmother of a young Indiana girl toward whom Brett Kimberlin reportedly showed "strange affection." Since the Washington Post has said nothing at all about the unsolved murder of Julia Scyphers, however, I felt obliged to mention it briefly.

The eminent California attorney Ken White, famed for his defense of First Amendment rights, isseeking Maryland lawyers to help represent myself and my co-defendants, and shares his opinion on a key claim by Kimberlin:

One of the problems with Kimberlin’s complaint about being called a pedophile is that his detractors disclosed the factual basis for using that epithet against him. Among other things, they pointed out that (1) Kimberlin has said sexually creepy things about teenaged girls; (2) Mark Singer’s book about Kimberlin describes a relationship with an underaged girl that some find inappropriate and suggestive of pedophilia; (3) Kimberlin’s wife accused him of having sex with her before she was 16, and in 2013 filed charges against him on that basis, although prosecutors declined to prosecute the case and she apparently later retracted and disavowed the charges after the defendants wrote about them; and (4) even accepting Kimberlin’s position that he did not have sex with his wife before she was 16, by his own version of events it appears that he met her in Russia before she was 16 when he was in his 40s, she traveled to the United States, and they married when she was 16 and he in his 40s. 

You can and should read the whole thing.

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