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Iran war warning, 2

By on 3.10.06 | 1:12AM

Security council source reports that this news cycle is critical first round of discussions between five permanent members with regard the Iran confrontation. Britain and France are on course to ask for an IAEA report of noncompliance. China is silent. Russia asks for a report in 18 months.

Iran believes it can split the five with long term oil contracts and back room promises. The US is now the prince of multi-lateralism. Keeping Britain and France together, keeping Russia moving without a "no," keeping China silent, is far-fetched but possible.

There is no visible solution. Those who speak breezily of a diplomatic solution have not read the 1945 UN Charter. Chapter Seven, article 42, looms, a collective action of air, sea, land forces for demonstrations, blockades and interventions to be launched by a vote of the Security Council, with full compliance by five perms. The vote is binding. Getting to the vote will be a struggle, but the vote is the trigger. Jaw jaw leads to war war. Iron tongues followed by iron weapons.

End of the Imperialist Horse

By on 3.9.06 | 11:58PM

Hugo Chavez continues to stand as the Vanguard of the Revolution in Venezuela and hero to twentysomething American boys in horn-rimmed glasses on college campuses everywhere.

Via Reuters:

Venezuela's Congress, dominated by allies of socialist President Hugo Chavez, has approved a revamp of the national coat of arms to ensure its white horse gallops left instead of right.


Last year Chavez dismissed the horse image saying "it's not even Venezuelan, it's an imperialist horse" after researching that it was originally designed by a British diplomat. But he cited historical reasons for the change.

"The horse now faces left with its head forward to the future, a white, free, untamed horse, as our nation is free as never before," lawmaker Cilia Flores said late on Tuesday after the law was passed.

De-Nuke Israel?

By on 3.9.06 | 5:33PM

This is the talk of Britain's Jack Straw, who, one might fear, is grasping at himself:

If you want to see a nuclear-free Middle East, you've got to remove that threat from Iran, including the rhetorical threat to wipe Israel off the face of the map. Once you've done that, then we can get on to work in respect of Israel.

Is there real fruit filling in this pie-in-the-sky? Consider.

Re: Has Bush Lost Control?

By on 3.9.06 | 5:13PM

Ah, the joys of reading about American politics in the British press. The revised partisan status of "Frank Lautenberg, a Republican senator from the port state of New Jersey" must come as shocking news to the Republican party, the Democratic party, the state of New Jersey, and to Lautenberg himself.

Sen. Sessions reports….

By on 3.9.06 | 5:13PM

Forgive me, because the headline is just a teaser. I had a very interesting and lengthy discussion today with the very and sincerely honorable Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, and when I get my notes together in the morning I will report on that discussion on this blog. I just write this now as a reminder to myself, and a spur for all you readers to remind me to make my report if I haven't done so by mid-morning. -- Q

Has Bush Lost Control?

By on 3.9.06 | 4:47PM

One embattled ally seems to think so.

Bubble, toil and trouble

By on 3.9.06 | 4:37PM

I think my last post got fouled up, so I'll try again: Kudos to Andrew at Confirmthem for this post, which is a very on-target, and appropriately humorous, critique of a recent speech by the gentlemanly and erudite, but often wrongheaded, Justice Breyer.

Everybody Wins?

By on 3.9.06 | 4:17PM

In the deal that was widely rumored to be in the works, Dubai Ports World will divest the U.S. assets of Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co, the British company that currently manages the port operations.

Short term: Bush is harmed politically. Long term: This reaction will hang over the heads of those who rushed to the microphones.


By on 3.9.06 | 3:37PM

We're already hearing rumors on Capitol Hill that one of the companies that will be interested in the Dubai Port properties once divestiture begins is ... Halliburton.

Makes sense. They are one of the few U.S. firms that could move in and handle the types of operations required.

But wouldn't that just be richest outcome? Democrats will just be spitting mad. And the and Daily Kos types will be screaming that this whole thing was nothing more than a wiley Rovian plot to get Halliburton the deal.

Happy Birthday Lindy

By on 3.9.06 | 11:54AM

Quin: What wonderful news. I knew Mrs. Boggs very well back in the olden days when I was a lobbyist. I had long since lost track of her, and didn't even know she was still alive. She is a Southern Lady in the grand sense, and was a wonderful (and highly effective) political ally. Yes, she is and was too liberal for us on a lot of domestic issues, but a more staunch supporter of national security would be awfully hard to find.