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Re: Notre Domers

By on 11.14.05 | 4:59PM

To add to that, Prowler, as one of our readers pointed out in a comment on Wlady's post, the Naval Academy sent students to Notre Dame during World War II to sustain the school. There is a debt of gratitude underlying this rivalry.

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Notre Domers

By on 11.14.05 | 4:47PM

Wlady's smug little West Coast bias shines brightly in his little riff on Notre Dame's playing Navy.

First, the Navy game has been a long tradition dating back to the days of Roger Staubach and probably before that, when Navy actually fielded a more than competitive team. Second, the game is great for Navy because of the gate it collects and serves as a recruiting tool.

We can recall many moons ago sitting up in the upper deck at the old Memorial Stadium in Baltimore watching Navy take on Notre Dame, and cheering on the Irish. It was great for Navy and great for Notre Dame alums in the region.

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Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam

By on 11.14.05 | 3:50PM

William Tucker is right to praise their discussion of health care reform, but to call the Douthat/Salam Weekly Standard cover-essay "an absolutely fabulous article" is a bit much. A great deal of their argument for a government-friendly overhall of the GOP platform is terribly wrongheaded, and underpinned by two fundamental mistakes.

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By on 11.14.05 | 3:42PM

Without comment due to mind-numbing disgust. From The Australian:

Actor forced to stop smoking: From correspondents in Rome, November 15, 2005

A STUNNED Italian actor had to stub out the cigarette he had lit up on stage after a spectator complained, forcing the theatre to change the script of an Arthur Miller play to make it smoke-free.

"This had never happened to me in more than 300 performances," the actor, Sebastiano Lo Monaco, said.

Italy has banned lighting up in all enclosed public places since January this year.

Lo Monaco was smoking, in line with the script, while playing the main character in Miller's A View from the Bridge at a theatre in the northeastern city of Mestre, when a woman from the audience shouted "Put out that cigarette".

After a 15-minute suspension, the performance resumed with a modified script and a non-smoking protagonist.

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Virginia AG Recount

By on 11.14.05 | 2:56PM

No surprises here, but it appears as though the recount in the Virginia attorney general race between Bob McDonnell and Creigh Deeds will proceed. I cannot find a news story to link to just yet, but the State Board of Elections has McDonnell up by 446 votes.

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Yes, Yes, Georgette!

By on 11.14.05 | 2:39PM

Mark Humbert's latest on Democrats' increasing strength in N.Y. state is worth reading.

Was somewhat (pleasantly) surprised to see Republican moneybag Georgette Mosbacher's comments on the NY State GOP:

"Our New York party leaders have tried to be everything to everybody, and what's now happened to us is that we've become nothing to everyone."

Correct. Perhaps Georgette and others can now begin to remedy this by sending their money to the good guys in N.Y. politics.

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Alito on the Vanguard Matter

By on 11.14.05 | 1:58PM

Via RedState, Judge Alito has responded (pdf) to Sen. Arlen Specter's request for additional information on Alito's relationship with Vanguard with respect to Monga v. Ottenberg. He defends himself well, since federal law and judicial ethics have long held that judges need not recuse themselves from cases in which the potential conflict of interest is limited to holding shares of a mutual fund.

In today's edition, the Wall Street Journal editorial page dismantled this desperate ethics charge with its customary clarity.

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Are Men Necessary?

By on 11.14.05 | 1:09PM

Perhaps not, at least at the New York Times. Editor and Publisher has a fascinating report from which emanates the strong odor of a coming coup at the Times.

The report, which appears to be based on both research and leaks from the Times editors, says that Judith Miller wasn't the only person at the Times tied too closely to the Bush administration. Times Executive Editor Bill Keller is painted as too close to the Times' ultimate boogey man, former Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz. Here's the money quote:

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Schroeder’s Anemic Germany

By on 11.14.05 | 1:05PM

Gerhard took leave of the SPD today. His assessment of his tenure caught my eye:

Speaking to an SPD congress in the southwestern town of Karlsruhe, Schroeder said Germany had become a more likeable and liveable place in the past seven years -- even though his center-left party had often made governing tortuous.

"We've made Germany a country that is more modern, more open to the world and more just," Schroeder told the 500 delegates, who rewarded him with a 10-minute standing ovation. "It's been a good seven years for our country and our party."

Speaking of seven years, German unemployment is at a seven-year high of 11.7 percent.

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Re: Agenda

By on 11.14.05 | 12:10PM

Prowler's point about Rockefeller's private venture into pre-war diplomacy is one we need to keep firmly in mind in the coming months. On FNC yesterday, Rockefeller said:

"I took a trip by myself in January of 2002 to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria, and I told each of the heads of state that it was my view that George Bush had already made up his mind to go to war against Iraq, that that was a predetermined set course which had taken shape shortly after 9/11."

Now think about what was going on in January 2002: (1) we were still trying to get the UN Blixiecrats to do their job in inspecting Iraq, and were doing what little we could to get Iraq to cooperate; (2) we were performing intensive intelligence gathering and analysis to determine whether Saddam's WMD programs were ongoing; (3) we were dealing with Britain and the Axis of Cheese to try to get the UN set up to deal with this; and (4) President Bush was talking to the same arab heads of state that Rockefeller visited, asking for their help.

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