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The Thrill Is Gone for Obama

By on 1.30.14 | 11:28PM

Last night, I went to the Harvard Book Store in Cambridge to hear Michael Ignatieff, the former leader of Canada’s Liberal Party, speak. Prior to the event, I overheard a couple of conversations about President Obama’s State of the Union address.

First, I heard two women talking about Obama’s promise of equal pay for equal work. They scoffed, “He can’t do anything about that!” Then a few minutes I heard two men talking about the SOTU and climate change. They too were skeptical about Obama. One man asked, “What can he possibly do about climate change?” The other man replied, “Not much.”

O.K., these are but two brief, anecdotal conversations and might very well not be representative. But I have a feeling that this discontent with President Obama is being expressed elsewhere in the People’s Republic of Cambridge and other left-wing precincts.

To quote B.B. King, “The thrill is gone.”

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