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One Triumphant Woman at a Time

Cathy McMorris Rodgers is inspiring.

By on 1.28.14 | 11:19PM


Earlier, I talked about the victory of women in America and Cathy McMorris Rodgers is one of those triumphant women.

Her response to Obama’s State of the Union address included her personal testimony—a girl raised in Kettle Falls, Wash., who worked hard and saved up her own money to put herself through college. Now she is a member of Congress and the proud mother of three children. This perfectly exemplifies the success stories Democrats hate.

McMorris Rodgers talked about her first child, Cole, who was diagnosed this Down Syndrome. She said about the negative news she received from the doctors:

They told us all the problems, but we saw only possibilities.

Cole could have been among the estimated 50 percent of babies with Down Syndrome who are aborted. Cole’s life would have been too much of a burden on his mother, holding her back from her full potential. Instead, McMorris Rodgers had two more children and still thrives in her congressional seat.

We are not bound by where we come from but empowered by what we can become.

McMorris Rodgers refused to believe the lie that having children would hamper her chances at success. She refused to believe that her low-income beginnings would keep her from rising to congressional office. Her example is one of female empowerment—and abortion didn’t play a role.

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