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Most Fevered Brow of the Week

By on 1.10.06 | 10:58AM

I know. I know. It's only Tuesday, and most fevered brows are scowling at Judge Alito. But none compare with Bob Fitrakis of the Columbus Free Press, who offers the following:

"The Bush administration’s utter contempt for the U.S. Constitution and the specific information we now know about its use of the National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance network should further call into question Bush’ 2004 presidential “election.” In a recent revelation, we have learned that the NSA shared the fruits of its illegal spying on behalf of Bush with other government agencies.

"What are e-voting machines and central tabulators that pass the voting results over electronic networks from the internet to phone lines? No more than data easily spied on and tapped into...

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Finally, a Question

By on 1.10.06 | 9:46AM

Pat Leahy drones about his own biography... "with that in mind," and asks about the Concerned Alumni of Princeton. This is the biggest ammo these guys have. So Sam Alito opposes Ivy League liberals. Next question?

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Watch Mrs. Alito

By on 1.10.06 | 9:35AM

She's facially expressing what her husband can't as Leaky Leahy waxes poetic about his frequent diatribes against tyranny on the Senate floor

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No Super-Duper?

By on 1.10.06 | 9:03AM

Specter called Casey v. Planned Parenthood a "super precedent" and "super stare decisis." What, not "super-duper precedent," as he termed it in the Roberts hearings?

Alito: "I personally wouldn't get into categorizing precedents, or super precedents, or super-duper precedents."

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Browbeating the Nominee

By on 1.10.06 | 8:58AM

Arlen Specter is coaxing Sam Alito into affirming the "living Constitution" (that is, the meaningless Constitution). So much for no ideological litmus test.

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Immigration Reform? A Better Idea

By on 1.10.06 | 8:52AM

The Central American clown show -- meeting in Mexico City -- reportedly demanded that the US allow more immigration and legalize the illegals already here. I have a better idea.

Those nations - especially Mexico - that, as government policy, export their troubles to us, should pay a high price for doing so. All of these countries are on the dole. We should deduct $100,000 from their foreign aid grant for every illegal from their nation captured here (with double the penalty for everyone caught more than once). I'm just throwing that figure out. It may be far too low.

The tinfoil-hat crowd that rules most of these nations might get the message if illegal immigration started costing them money, instead of us.

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Blunt Talk

By on 1.10.06 | 8:47AM

Interesting the the Blunt camp last night was spinning to folks that they almost had the election wrapped up for GOP Leader.

This election does not have the feel of one that will be short and sweet. We're hearing that both sides are whipping each other's "confirmed" endorsements pretty aggressively. That's not an indicator that anyone is confident that they are close to victory.

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Shadegg Shaking Things Up?

By on 1.10.06 | 8:45AM

Word this morning is that some conservative House colleagues of Rep. John Shadegg (AZ), who has insisted that he is not seeking the House Majority Leader position, are looking for an opening to press him into challenging Reps. Boehner and Blunt for the job. Shadegg is viewed by many off Capitol Hill - in the blogosphere and among party activists - as the "true conservative" option to Boehner and Blunt. This is interesting, if only because the "Two B's" running both have stellar conservative pedigrees and voting records. The fact that Shadegg's name continues to be floated would indicate that the zeal for "reform" that is being tossed about isn't being addressed as readily as perhaps the "Two B's" whip operations believe with their candidates, and that there is a well spring of support for a third candidate.

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The Big Alito Yawn

By on 1.10.06 | 8:41AM

It's official. While the Beltway/legal/political world is watching the confirmation hearings for Judge Alito as Supreme Court justice like most folks watch the Super Bowl, the rest of the country just doesn't care.

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