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What Does Your Senator Drive?

By on 4.27.06 | 9:00AM

Dana Milbank turns in some solid reporting on Capitol Hill today -- checking to see just how serious these members of Congress are about energy problems. As they bleat about fuel economy, they're driven the one or two blocks between the Capitol and their offices in low-fuel-economy vehicles.

More Senate Stoogery

By on 4.26.06 | 4:10PM

Can't even find Moe, Larry or Curly around. Actually, they'd be doing a better job of defending the nation. As the World's Greatest Deliberative Body takes up the latest supplemental appropriations for the Iraq war -- to which, of course, the latest Katrina-labeled porkfest is attached -- Sen. Judd Gregg has apparently offered and obtained an amendment cutting about 3% -- about $1.9 billion -- from the war funds to pay for more border patrol resources.

According to this AP report, Gregg's amendment was immediately attacked by Lil' Miss Gun Control and Hillary who were screaming about how this would cut funds for body armor and anti-IED research.

Ask yourself, Sen. Gregg, whether you couldn't find any pork to cut from the Katrina nonsense? Why you had to set yourself, and the whole Republican senate majority, up for what will now be a much-deserved public thrashing? And why we should ever take you or whoever voted for your amendment seriously again?

Dan the Man

By on 4.26.06 | 11:49AM

There's been a Dan Rather sighting, last night at UC Berkeley. Perhaps he was hoping for an exclusive interview with Mario Savio. The sympathetic writeup to which I've linked probably tells less than it could, but Dan clearly has the making of our next Alger Hiss ("Rather dodged Schell's questions about what exactly went down with the Bush's National Guard service story or whether he believes the story is fully accurate..."). On the other hand, only someone as screwy as Dan could hide behind corporate fear of controversy as the reason why he was clueless regarding the power of blogs. Best of all, he considers himself "independent," not liberal. "My best work is still ahead of me," he warned.

Eternally Steppin’ Out

By on 4.26.06 | 10:30AM

The new portrait of Bill Clinton is sans wedding ring. The ex-president's spokesman blames "artistic license."

Tony’s In

By on 4.26.06 | 9:37AM

Announcing the appointment of Tony Snow as press secretary -- addressing the assembled press gaggle -- the president said, "He knows most of you and agreed to take the job anyway." That about sums it up. Best of luck, Tony.

Dealing in Amnesty

By on 4.26.06 | 9:26AM

In Congress, no news is usually good news. So those of you pleased when immigration reform failed before the recess will be disappointed to learn that President Bush and Senate Republicans revived amnesty yesterday.

Only in Virginia…

By on 4.26.06 | 9:13AM

Is the liberal Democratic governor more conservative on gas taxes than the liberal Republican Senate. And then the Republicans have the gall to whine about it.

Crazy, But Not Nuts

By on 4.26.06 | 9:10AM

After a weekend of Republican noise about "unconscionable" pay packages and suspiciously large profits (which are rising in proportion to the overall cost of fuel, oddly enough), legislators are backing down from a windfall profits tax.

BBC Reviewer Raves Over “Flight 93”

By on 4.26.06 | 8:04AM

The BBC sent a reviewer to the Tribeca film festival yesterday at which "United 93" debuted in the U.S. The reviewer, to the seeming surprise of the two radio anchors who set up his story, pronounced the film one of the best he had ever seen. For a habitual (if cynical) BBC listener, this was the purest sort of turnaround. From the Beeb, one expects at least a little supercilious irony, a little arch superiority. Not a speck of that in the reviewer's comments on "United 93."

White House Snow Day

By on 4.26.06 | 7:18AM

Tony Snow, it was confirmed last night, will be the new White House press secretary. I've known him since he was a columnist for the Washington Times. He'll do a great job for the president and not just because he's a very skilled journalist with a good grip on what's happening around the world. Snow is a rarity in Washington: an A-level reporter who is also a very good person. Let's all wish him well in a terrifically hard job.