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Pregnant Texas Women Taken Off Life Support

By on 1.27.14 | 3:13PM

Over the weekend, a Texas district judge ruled that pregnant, brain-dead patient Marlise Munoz be taken off life support. John Peter Smith Hospital had refused to do so beforehand, citing a Texas bill that prohibits the withdrawal of life support from pregnant women. 

I wrote about it originally here. 

The real question in this case was whether the baby could have survived. He or she was 14 weeks old when Mrs. Munoz suffered from a blood clot in November 2013. On Sunday, she was in her 22nd week of development. 

The child suffers from hydrocephalus, heart problems, and lower-body deformities. According to the New York Timesa few people had offered to adopt the baby after its birth. 

I hope the Munozes are at peace after this terrible tragedy.

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