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Re: Gettin’ Their Memorial On

By on 12.21.05 | 9:53AM

Any discussion of Snoop Dogg's support for Tookie Williams ought to include a lyrical quotation from "Drop it Like It's Hot":

I'm a gangsta, but y'all knew that
Da Big Boss Dogg, yeah I had to do that
I keep a blue flag hanging out my backside
But only on the left side, yeah that's the Crip side
I suspect that Snoop's professed belief in his former leader's innocence stems more from loyalty than from conviction.
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Re: The PATCO Solution

By on 12.21.05 | 9:35AM

Of course they should all be fired. Fines aren't enough: The transit workers' union, like PATCO, should cease to exist. Then maybe NYC can pay its cops, firefighters, and teachers as well as it pays people who drive around in circles.

(Actually, PATCO does still exist -- sort of. Check out their hilariously amateurish official website.)

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Re: The PATCO Solution

By on 12.21.05 | 9:32AM


Most folks who live in New York or use public transportation regularly are supernaturally fluent in the routes -- stop any native in that city for directions, and you usually get a treatise on the benefits of one line over another. Training will probably involve the financial aspects.

Yesterday, a judge ordered that for every day the Transport Workers Union continues its strike, it must be fined $1 million a day, which the union plans to appeal as "exorbitant". $1 million sounds like a lot, that is, until you consider how much an apartment in New York costs, let alone just how large the union is (33,700).

Do the math. $29 a union member, per day, during an illegal strike which has crippled an economic giant of a city dependent on mass transit. Yet these strikers face no jail time, and as of this writing, no threat of losing one's job. The fine should be $1 billion, not $1 million.

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Gettin’ Their Memorial On

By on 12.21.05 | 9:18AM

Funerals ought to be taken seriously, so I suppose that when translated to the "gangsta" version, it would of course have the requisite "bling," i.e. completely unnecessary accessories. Here's what AP writer Peter Prengaman noticed:

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The PATCO Solution

By on 12.21.05 | 8:56AM

We have been neglectful of our New York relations, leaving them to suffer the outrages of an illegal transit strike without comment. Let it begin here.

I was doubtful that the strike would go a second day. For that reason alone, I was opposed to the PATCO solution: fire every one of them who won't come back to work by tomorrow, and replace them starting tomorrow morning.

I was opposed to this because it will take a while to teach the new generation of Ralph Kramdens the routes the buses must travel. But how hard can it be? New Yorkers aren't being well-served by their governor and their mayor, who aren't taking as hard a line against the strikers as they could.

I haven't researched the law on this yet, but if the strike is illegal, why can't the judge order the workers back to work and jail the union leaders for contempt? Let's raise the heat on these guys, and start issuing pink slips at sundown.

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McDonnell or Deeds?

By on 12.21.05 | 7:42AM

Virginians learn today who won the attorney general race after a court-administered recount. Republican Bob McDonnell looks like the favorite.

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Americans Judge Alito Worthy

By on 12.21.05 | 7:35AM

The Washington Post and ABC News report this morning that Judge Samuel A. Alito has the support of 54 percent of Americans, versus 28 percent who oppose his nomination.

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Bad Ties

By on 12.20.05 | 5:27PM

I just saw Ted Stevens, arguing something fervently on the Senate floor. Wearing an "Incredible Hulk" necktie. Someone needs to call Mrs. Stevens.

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Re: Lose Yourself in the Music

By on 12.20.05 | 4:13PM

But John! By using rap, they'll only be encouraging these peaceful young jihadists towards violence!

Will they also have to freestyle when interrogated? Will that also be considered cruel?

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