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Politicians and Bureaucrats Working Group

By on 9.26.06 | 3:40PM

The Citizens' Health Care Working Group, created by the Medicare Prescription Drug Bill, released its final report (PDF) yesterday. The think tank I work for, NCPPR, released a statement on the report here. I'm going to do some blogging on this for the next few hours. (A response to Slivinksi will come later this evening.)

What I find most unsettling about the Working Group's recommendations is number 4, which calls for the establishment of "a nonpartisan public/private group to define America's core benefits and services and to update it on an ongoing process." Apparently, a group of "experts" sitting on a commission can determine what benefits are needed for nearly 300 million. Someone is not reading his Hayek.

More about Veggie Tales

By on 9.26.06 | 2:56PM

For a very complete story on how Veggie Tales got to the inconceivable point of trying to remove all references to God and/or the Bible from the show to be aired on NBC, check out Phil Vischer's blog. He takes you all the way from the founding of the company in 1990 to bankruptcy due to lawsuit and then to where we are today.

For those outraged Veggie Tales fans, the short answer is that Phil Vischer no longer has any control over the show whatsoever and that clearly hurts.

Nine New Cases

By on 9.26.06 | 1:31PM

After yesterday's "long conference," the Supreme Court granted cert today in nine additional cases. The only one that looks especially interesting is a question of whether a Washington state law prohibiting union contributions from being used to influence an election violates the union's First Amendment rights.

The Nation’s Freedoms Are Under Assault…

By on 9.26.06 | 1:27PM an administration whose policies can do us as much damage as al Qaida; the nation's marketplace of ideas is being poisoned by a propaganda company so blatant that Tokyo Rose would've quit."

The world according to Keith Olbermann. Watch this (warning, it goes on for ten minutes) and you can come to only one conclusion: ESPN's management is heaving a big sigh of relief right now.

We Didn’t Listen!

By on 9.26.06 | 11:40AM

"Global temperatures are dangerously close to the highest ever estimated to have occurred in the past million years, scientists reported Monday."

Soon, temperatures will get really dangerously close. And then we will be sorry that we didn't listen.

Those of you who have had the (mis)fortune to watch the unintentionally hilarious The Day After Tomorrow will appreciate the South Park episode "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow" (highly inappropriate for the office -- or the family).

Veggie Tales and Madonna?

By on 9.26.06 | 11:30AM

I returned from a trip to Texas and noticed there was a bit of back and forth here at TAS over NBC's decision to engage in religious-cleansing of the Veggie Tales cartoons for broadcast. Frankly, I'm a little surprised. My kids watch it and I always thought it was pretty theologically inoffensive unless you consider plain old Bible morality and very simple God-talk to be an outrage.

Anyway, count on S.T. Karnick to find a new angle on the story. He asks the simple question, "How is it that Veggie Tales is clearly offensive in mentioning God, but we aren't so sure whether we have a problem with Madonna performing a song hanging from a cross?" Check out the link above for some excellent analysis.