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Who’s Number One?

By on 3.3.06 | 5:59PM

Quin, Dr. Prowler: The Prowler knows less than he/she/they/it lets on. As I see it, Vince Young has to stay in Texas. So New Orleans has two choices. It can hope Houston takes him first, or it drafts him but moves permanently to San Antonio. Meanwhile, I don't know how Leinart can possibly go to Tennessee. San Francisco is bound to file a grievance and hope to reclaim him based on its intentions last year. Why have neither of you mentioned Reggie Bush? Is the Bush name suddenly dirt?

I wouldn't draft him, simply because he's too good. No way in the most brutal of sports can he escape the fate of a Gale Sayers. The saddest moment in Brian's Song comes when we see a clip of lowly 49er Kermit Alexander destroying Sayers' knee. There's never again been so gorgeous a runner as Sayers. Bush comes close. Soon enough, football always snuffs out brilliance.

OOH… Mean, But Appropriate!

By on 3.3.06 | 5:05PM

It is true, however, that they need somebody LIKE Kerik was advertised to be: somebody with actual manpower-organization experience, somebody who actually has dealt with big mobilizations in times of crisis. That means a successful big-city police or fire chief, or a ex-military, rapid-response guy. A former Ranger or SEAL chief, perhaps, or a retired general. Oops, just as I write this, a fire alarm is going off in our building. Yes, seriously. Gotta run!

Re: Chertoff

By on 3.3.06 | 4:58PM

If Chertoff's taking the fall, maybe the White House can return to its top choice, the erstwhile paramour Bernie Kerik.

Chertoff as Latest Fall Guy

By on 3.3.06 | 4:24PM

Human Events is reporting that Department of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff's days are numbered in the job.

Granted, Chertoff's role in the Katrina disaster -- particularly in light of the videoconference tape that was leaked by Democrats on Capitol Hill -- continues to put him in a bad light. But how is it that the President's own Homeland Security Adviser continues to skate off scott free in this controversy? Don't let the Chanel outfits fool you -- Frances Townsend is one tough cookie and clearly an experienced street fighter. She deserves at least as much blame for the DHS debacles as Michael Brown and Chertoff, particularly given that it is her input that the President receives far more often and directly than that of others in these kinds of situations.

One More Clinton Question

By on 3.3.06 | 4:17PM

There is a federal statute that requires that anyone -- even a former U.S. President -- doing political or public affairs work on behalf of a foreign principal (country, official, etc.), must register as an "Agent of a Foreign Principal" with the Department of Justice.

Has former President Clinton done so? If not, why? His spokesman today confirmed "one phone call" that Mr. Clinton received, and by way of doing that confirmed that the former President was doing work for the United Arab Emirates on the Dubai Port Deal.

With Young, Not Restless

By on 3.3.06 | 4:08PM

I could accept Young. He wouldn't make me restless at all. Thanks for the info, Prowler.... can I hold you to it?

With the No. 2 in the 2006 NFL Draft …

By on 3.3.06 | 4:02PM

The New Orleans Saints select ...

Vince Young, Quarterback, University of Texas.

That's assuming Houston doesn't trade with NYJ for their 4th and 29th pick (assuming Denver deal goes through).

That allows Tennessee to pick Leinert.

The Prowler Knows

By on 3.3.06 | 3:55PM

My gosh, this Prowler guy knows EVERYTHING. If he's right about the Jets trade, that's big news. But now here's a REAL test: Since I'm from New Orleans, I want to know who the Saints will pick with the second pick in the whole draft? Or will they trade it to the Jets? If the Prowler can accurately tell me the answer to that one, I'll really be in his debt!


By on 3.3.06 | 3:50PM

First of all, most of the players cut in the past seven days would have been cut regardless of the current uncertainty. Even Pro Bowl players like Miami's Sam Madison are 31, due to make millions, and not worth a new contract that almost certainly would have required 3 years, with perhaps a third of it upfront as a signing bonus. No team in the NFL is going to sign a 31-year-old corner for three years, 27 million with 9 million in signing bonuses. Except maybe Danny Snyder.

Second, increasingly, NFL agents are locking their clients into five and six year deals, with slightly lower signing bonuses, but more "guaranteed" money built into the contract. The twist on the bonuses is that while they are guaranteed, and pro-rated throughout the life of the contract, they accelerate and penalize a team if you cut them before the contract expires. That's why it's going to be difficult for a player like Terrell Owens to find multiple takers for his ridiculous Eagles contract.

Yes and No

By on 3.3.06 | 3:11PM

Wlady -- You make a good point, except that one reason people like Mike Anderson are being released now is specifically because the salary cap will NOT rise this year if the labor agreement isn't reached -- so for this year only, the failure hurts the players most directly. But in return, the players know that if there is no agreement, then the cap will disappear entirely next year, and they think they can rake in the dough then. As for the guaranteed contracts: Most contracts in the NFL are not guaranteed (because injuries take such a toll, etc.), but the signing bonuses ARE guaranteed. The players and their agents are smart enough to see that a guarantee in the form of a signing bonus is a pretty darn good deal in a game where wear and tear is so extensive.