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Steele/Cardin Debate on Meet the Press

By on 10.29.06 | 9:38AM

First observation: Steele wins the tie selection contest-- he thought to wear Ravens colors on game day.

UPDATE: Steele aced the first half -- both candidates can talk credibly about the issues, but Steele is simply a more likable guy. But he faltered when it came to social issues, where his moral convictions put him to the right of the voters he's wooing; he stuttered his way through the embryonic stem cell questions and sounded a bit muddled on abortion. So do undecided voters switch the channels at the commercial break, or do they tune in late?

Re: More Michael Savage

By on 10.28.06 | 2:39PM

Hunter: It's kind of you to remember, but I wasn't exactly interviewed by our friend Michael Savage. In the several minutes I was on his show last year (to talk about Laura Bush's White House Correspondents' Dinner speech, which I had criticized and which Savage was happy to firebomb), I'd say most of it was dominated by his insistent bellowings that barely if at all were reactions to any comment I had managed to get in edgewise. I was rather amused by the experience. I'd compare his shtick to a mixture of fake professional wrestling and Roller Derby. There must be a reason why this fellow chose to call himself "Savage."

More Michael Savage

By on 10.28.06 | 10:47AM

We need to get Wlady in on this. He was actually interviewed by Savage.

If you listen to Savage much, which I did for a couple of years when he was my drive-time conservative talk radio guy, it's hard to imagine he would ever back Jerry Brown if he was really drinking his own kool-aid. Brown is against everything Savage claims to be for.

You're quite right that Savage is actually Michael Weiner, a Ph.D. nutrition guru from way back and that his old affections could explain his donation to Brown, but I think it just cements the case that "Savage" is a concoction designed to make money and doesn't represent what he really thinks. It's more like he said to himself, "Nobody is doing a really great job of appealing to everyone's worst instincts. Let's have a shot at it and see if there's money to be made." Not surprisingly, there are a lot of dollars swimming at the lowest common denominator.

Re: Michael Savage - Liberal

By on 10.28.06 | 9:24AM

Hunter, I don't know if I can buy that Michael Savage is a put-on. I do absolutely agree with your description of him, however. I've thought, since the moment I first heard him, "This is what liberals think conservatives sound like." Chalk up his contribution to Jerry Brown to an old-time hippie fondness -- Savage was a health food guru, after all.

Re: Webb’s Eroticism

By on 10.27.06 | 3:19PM

Phil, Larry: We should count our lucky stars we don't live in Iran. Otherwise Allen would have issued a fatwah against Webb -- assuming Allen had survived the fatwahs already issued against him.

Re: Webb’s Eroticism

By on 10.27.06 | 2:31PM

Larry, thanks for the clarification on James Webb's novels. My comment was more referring to the erotic parts, which read to me like a cheap romance novel. Looking back at my post, I shouldn't have painted with so broad a brush. I also agree that it's completely silly of Allen to try to make a campaign issue of this.

Toothless Hyenas

By on 10.27.06 | 1:28PM

I am watching the White House press briefing with the incomparable Tony Snow, and I am just amazed at how unaware the White House press corps is that they come across like a pathetic pack of starving but toothless hyenas. Again and again they ask about Dick Cheney's "dunking" comments and insisting that the Veep is endorsing waterboarding (not, as Seinfeld would say, that there's anything wrong with that), and again and again Tony keeps his humor and repeats the rest of the Veep's answer, immediately thereafter, that he does NOT endorse torture. After a while, the viewer is left with this thought: Who the $#&^&*@ cares? I wish all Americans were forced to watch this nonsense. Americans care about providing for their families and making sure they are protected from criminals and terrorists. They don't care whether a "dunk" in the water is the same as or different than a technique called "waterboarding," when the dunkee is a suspected terrorist. Yeah, they don't want anybody subjected to the sorts of painful treatment, the actual torture, that John McCain suffered from in Vietnam -- but they aren't too concerned about bad guys getting wet.

The Tribes Vote — A Followup

By on 10.27.06 | 1:16PM

In my column of a couple of weeks ago, I wondered which way the political and ethnic tribes of Massachusetts would vote in the gubernatorial election between Devel Patrick, a Democrat and a black man, and Kerry Healey, the Republican Lieutenant Governor, and a woman. The polls have apparently revealed the result.

The tribes have done what they do best, which is get a really good hate on -- for Healey. They're going to show that persnickety Beacon Hill WASP bee-eye-itch,and hand her a 25-point loss. This place! There's a joke about Venezuela, where somebody says to God that he's given Venezuelans everything, resources, mountains, forests, fertile land, the sea, and God says, yes, but I made it up by giving the country Venezuelans. It's kind of like that in Massachusetts, one of the loveliest states in the union, populated some of the grouchiest, nastiest, most narrow-minded people in the country. Who will cut off their noses to spite their faces over and over again.