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Poor Little Ezra

By on 1.3.14 | 12:24AM


The NY Times is reporting that Washington Post "Wonkblog" blogger Ezra Klein, one of the paper's leading resident Obama cheerleaders and tremendous economoron, is stomping his little feet and about to leave his job after the Post refused to put up "eight figures" to fund a new web site "dedicated to explanatory journalism on a wide range of topics beyond political policy."

Mr. Klein is like any other cloistered but nominally intelligent beltway liberal, easily replaced by the Post. He'll surely end up with some "Progressive" sugar daddy funding his liberal dreams, just like Pajama Boy. (Actually, it wouldn't surprise me if they're the same person. It bears repeating that Nick Gillespie of Reason had the best description of Pajama Boy, and you can decide if it applies to Ezra: "this guy is hipster douchitude on a cracker.") So I'm sure we'll have to suffer through his pompous idiocy and incessant partisanship again some day soon.

In the incestuous but competitive world of the liberal media, one can practically see the Times' reporter's smirk when he mentions that another Washington Post "Wonkblog" editor recently moved to the Times, and that Ezra is married to a Times reporter.

By the way, the Wikipedia entry regarding the Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting says that this particular form of writing "illuminates a significant and complex subject, demonstrating mastery of the subject, lucid writing and clear presentation." Given that, especially the bit about "mastery of the subject," it is easy to understand why Washington Post management declined to spend $10MM or $20MM on Erza's self-indulgent fantasy. If you're going to spend that kind of cash, you at least want a chance at the brass ring, not just an overpriced liberal echo chamber.

The main piece of bad news in the story, much like the possibility that Justin Bieber's retirement announcement wasn't real, is this: "Still, it is possible that Mr. Klein could remain at The Post if talks about his plans were rekindled." Please, Ms. Weymouth, just say no.

But really, my only question about the story is this: What is it about liberals that makes them unable to create a website for less than ten times what a conservative (or any rational businessman) would get it done for?

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