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Hannity Stations Change: The List

By on 1.1.14 | 7:55PM

January arrives and our friend Sean Hannity’s station line-up across the country has changed.

As we head into the vital 2014 election year, with Sean’s show being a premiere venue for conservative conversation, here’s a link to help understand his station changes in your area.

Just click on the map for your state and find a list of stations that will be carrying Sean’s show in your area.

This year will be a battle for conservatives, and as always there will be not only the vivid disagreements with the Obama Left but doubtless — and as always — within the conservative movement itself. Shaking up radio listener habits is always a pain, but such is the way of talk radio hosting/listening life. In New York City, for example, as several news reports are reminding, both Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have as of January 1st shifted from WABC to WOR. A big deal but not really, and a pattern for Sean that is going to be repeated around the country.

So for Hannity fans who notice the change, click on that map on Sean’s site, find the station old or new in your area — or simply stream on your computer — and the debate goes on.

To victory in 2014.



So to speak.

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