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A&E Lifts Suspension of Phil Robertson

By on 12.28.13 | 2:08AM

On Friday, A&E reversed its suspension of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson and filming of the reality series will soon resume. Robertson had been suspended indefinitely by A&E on December 18th for remarks he made about homosexuals and blacks in an interview with GQ.

I’m not surprised the suspension didn’t last. It wasn’t really much of a suspension in the first place. A&E continued to air repeats of Duck Dynasty and even did a 24-hour marathon on Christmas Day. Of course, the suspension didn’t work because a) the Robertson family closed ranks and b) Duck Dynasty viewers closed ranks around the Robertson family including Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin and c) A&E didn’t want to lose ratings and money.

Phil Robertson and the rest of the Duck Dynasty cast will remain in the crosshairs of GLAAD and Jesse Jackson as long as they remain on the air. But unless they say or do something really stupid or if there’s old video of Phil Robertson praising the likes of David Duke, I suspect will be smooth sailing for Duck Dynasty from here on out. Yet, as a consequence of this episode, I believe the Robertson family will be more cautious in their public appearances and more circumspect when giving interviews. In the meantime, Duck Dynasty will very likely become more popular than ever.

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