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The Unoriginalist

By on 10.26.05 | 11:25AM

"We gave up," said Harriet Miers in a speech to the Executive Women of Dallas, according to the Washington Post, "legislating religion or morality" a long time ago. It is hard to imagine that someone who thinks on such a lame level, accepting the tired fallacies of the left, could defend the original meaning of the Founding Fathers' words. This line from the speech should set off alarm bells too: "The ongoing debate continues surrounding the attempt to once again criminalize abortions or to once and for all guarantee the freedom of the individual women's [sic] right to decide for herself whether she will have an abortion." O'Connor's replacement was supposed to end jurisprudence by liberal cliche; Miers will reinforce it.

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FitzMas Wish List

By on 10.26.05 | 10:05AM

Yep, that's what the hyperlibs -- here and abroad -- are calling the occasion they expect to receive political gifts from Patrick Fitzgerald: "Fitzmas." Their salivary glands are working overtime. The UK Guardian newspaper is typical in its view of the libs' most wished-for outcome. Today, speaking of Plamegate and comparing it to the case of suicided UK intel analyst David Kelly, columnist Jonathan Freedland writes:

"Now there is a chance to discredit not just Bush's presidency but the ideology which led to the disastrous adventure in Iraq. Plamegate itself may seem arcane, but that outcome is one in which we all have a stake."

We all do, indeed, Mr. Freedland. Whether we continue to fight the global war against terrorism is not something that should be decided by prosecutors or courts.

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Sox Sock

By on 10.26.05 | 2:48AM

Okay, admit it, how many of you stayed with Game 3 to the bitter/sweet end? Fourteen innings used to equal a minor league Sunday double-header. Both teams had their chances; the team that finally got the ball over the fence won. A laser home run hit by a little known player in his first World Series at bat. That's why you stay up. It goes without saying this is a great country. Good night.

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By on 10.26.05 | 12:37AM

If you don't have the time or culinary skill to follow the recipe in Lawrence Henry's mouthwatering column, make a beeline to beignet-central, the Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans. They just reopened last week, and the Big Easy can really use your tourist dollars. Wear something you don't mind spilling powdered sugar on.

(And if you do want to make 'em at home but want to skip the measuring cups, order some mix.)

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Re: The Big Shot Right

By on 10.25.05 | 11:28PM

I'm not sure I agree. The Miers debacle itself plays into the hands of the opposition. What the Withdraw Miers and Americans for Better Justice people are trying to do is end it as fast as possible. Their efforts do hurt the president as long as he resists them; maybe they can't succeed in pressuring a withdrawal before the hearings, and if so they shouldn't be trying. But judging from Bush's non-answer when asked if he was considering withdrawing Miers yesterday, they do have some chance of success.

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How Much do We Cost?

By on 10.25.05 | 8:14PM

Why would conservatives demand the payment of tribute by the president to gain our loyalty in his time of need? Rod Dreher suggests just that. "Show us some love," he demands, at a time when -- by Dreher's own formulation -- conservatism is in an unhappy place and a difficult time. It is true that Mr. Bush needs conservatives more than conservatives need him, especially at the tail end of his annus horribilis (or, perhaps, at the beginning of his next). But we must not put a price on our loyalty to principle, and spend it as deserved in support of the president.

We can -- and must -- continue to sound off long, loud, and continuously against the Miers nomination. But if, as appears likely, Patrick Fitzgerald comes out with politically tinged indictments, this is a time when conservatives must all hang together -- and with Mr. Bush -- or we can all hang back separately and fail to achieve what our country must before 2009. Sound corny? Sure. But show me where it's wrong.

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Fitzgerald Ready to Move

By on 10.25.05 | 6:12PM

From various sources, we're hearing that things are coming to a head on the Joe Wilson Scandal front.

We're hearing that U.S. Attorney Pat Fitzgerald will hold a press conference here in Washington no later than Thursday to announce indictments in the matter, those indictments will be sealed and filed no later than tomorrow afternoon.

At least three fairly senior people have received formal target letters within the past few days. Sources inside the White House are saying they expect between 3 to 5 indictments total. No names are being discussed. UPDATE: CBS News is reporting that Fitzgerald may make his announcement tomorrow, the same day sealed indictments would be filed. Either way, it looks like we have some degree of closure coming.

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Celebrating 2000

By on 10.25.05 | 4:53PM

MoveOn must have been waiting for this moment for weeks: the 2000th death of an American serviceman in Iraq. Sure, they call it "grim news" in the e-mail rushed out moments ago, but they must strike while the iron is hot with "vigils" nationwide. The coordination with Democracy for America and True Majority reveals the extent of the preparation involved.

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VA Race: Club for Kaine Trick

By on 10.25.05 | 3:20PM

Larry Sabato, UVa guru and perhaps the most quoted man in political journalism, writes in his new "Crystal Ball" today that the Virginia gubernatorial race is too tight to call: "Last-minute advertising, new issues, gaffes, controversies, and even dirty tricks could tilt this race."

We may have our first dirty trick. The Tim Kaine campaign has sent out a mailer (pdf) disguised as a Virginia Club for Growth mailer. Using language from a Club for Growth press release from earlier in the month, the mailer is likely intended to depict conservatives as wary on Kilgore and undermine his strong GOP support. While only the second page is on the VA Club for Growth site, I saw the front page of another copy this morning showing the GOP elephant logo with the Kaine campaign's address and no name. The only admission that it's a Kaine mailing is the credit on the Jerry Kilgore photo.

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The Big Shot Right

By on 10.25.05 | 11:47AM

File it under Pride Cometh Before the Fall. Today we read reports of conservative groups turning their opposition to Harriet Miers into permanent political operations, what with radio and TV ads in the works and websites activated to push for Miers' withdrawal. It doesn't take a political genius to recognize that such activities play right into the paws of the hyenas now encircling the White House. But what do they care...

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