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Hillary Snubs NH Supporters Standing in the Rain

By on 4.21.15 | 11:02PM

If you need any proof that Hillary Clinton doesn't know how to talk to people - even people who support her get a load of this from The Boston Herald: which was covering her visit to Keene yesterday:

Clinton came here for her first stop in the Granite State since announcing her 2016 Oval Office campaign. The former U.S. secretary of state toured Whitney Brothers, a family-owned children’s furniture business, and huddled with employees for a much-publicized roundtable — but never pressed the flesh with several dozen people huddled outside.

Republicans Reach Deal to Hold Vote on Lynch Nomination

By on 4.21.15 | 4:38PM

This morning, Democrats and Republicans came to a consensus on a human trafficking bill that was the main hurdle to holding a vote on Loretta Lynch's nomination to head of the Department of Justice.

In defiance of their Planned Parenthood overlords, Harry Reid, now exiting the Senate for greener pastures and safer exercise equipment, ultimately caved on the point of contention between the two parties: a provision that would have prevented funds earmarked within the program for medical costs from going to provide abortions. Republicans changed the bill to prohibit any expenditures under the bill from going to medical care, instead shuttling those expenses through appropriations, which are already covered under the Hyde Amendment. Democrats rolled over, probably on the assumption that their abortion-promoting donors would fail to understand the fine print, and now we're on to the Lynch nomination.

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame Wants the GOP Presidential Nomination

By on 4.21.15 | 3:49PM

I think. Stay with me here.

Yesterday was 4/20, the unofficial national holiday celebrating marijuana. Generally, Presidential candidates try to avoid referencing 4/20 unless they have a comprehensive policy regarding pot legalization and/or the relevance of 1990s jam band Sublime. Few take the opportunity to unveil their Presidential campaign on 4/20. Until now. 

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame, better known as "Waka Flocka," yesterday announced that he will seek the office of the Presidency in 2016, and marijuana legislation will be among his top priorities

Waka Flocka Flame took time out of his favorite holiday (4/20) to make a special announcement Monday. Via Rolling Stone, the Queens-born “No Hands” rapper announced he’s making good on his 2012 tweet: “I’m dead a– running for president in 2016.”

State Dept. May Give Iran $50B Just for Showing Up

By on 4.21.15 | 1:22PM

The Iranians aren't quite at the same point the United States is when it comes to inking a deal over their nuclear ambitions, to put it mildly. They see this nuclear agreement as a way to end economic sanctions against their country, promoting their domestic economic stability, while giving them an exceptional harassment-free period in which to concoct a plan that would wipe most of the Eastern world off the face of the planet. The United States sees this as the only way Barack Obama can successfully navigate his way to deserving a Nobel Peace Prize and a global post-Presidency speaking tour.

Fortunately, it seems that the State Department has found a way to bridge the gap and bring Iran to the table to at least sign the agreement, even if they rip it up almost immediately: if Iran inks on the dotted line, John Kerry will show up to the signing ceremony with one of those oversized novelty checks, made out to Ayatollah Khomeini, in the amount of $50 billion. 

Member of the 1% Hillary Clinton Wants to ‘Topple the 1%’

By on 4.21.15 | 12:51PM

Being Hillary Clinton must be difficult. I mean, I have a tough enough time keeping small lies of convenience straight, let alone an attempt to mastermind the creation of a populist progressive facade. The sheer exhaustion that must result — it must wear into her like nothing else. 

Earlier this year, in preparation for her Woman Warrior of the People campaign, Hillary Clinton met with economists who instructed her on the fine art of discussing income inequality, and demonstrated, with the help of easy-to-understand pictures, how the "top 1%" of wage earners were now, officially, off the charts thanks to the machinations of those dastardly Republican economic policies, spearheaded by the Koch brothers and, miraculously, put into effect during a Democratic Presidency. 

Hillary Clinton's response? Smash the institutions of the wealthy and lop off their heads.

One Thousand and One Solyndra Nights

By on 4.21.15 | 7:00AM

Big Solar. It sounds like a silly notion. The innocent seeming, well-intentioned alternative to fossil fuels, solar is a promise of the future everyone is familiar with. We see panels everywhere. There are solar farms, contentedly harvesting solar power from our friend the Sun, ready to help build a clean energy future we can be proud and green of. So how could there be a Big Solar?

Put Big in front of anything and you conjure up images of nefarious multinational corporations or the iron fist of government. Not something you associate with the world’s most Sesame Street friendly power source. But Big Solar is a real thing, and there are billions of dollars at play. Tax dollars are at play. Your dollars.

60 Minutes Claims Obama Forced Assad to Give Up Chemical Weapons

By on 4.20.15 | 7:41PM

I saw the 60 Minutes segment on Syria last night which showed images of people in the throes of death following sarin gas attacks by the Assad regime in 2013.

Needless to say, the images were horrific. But I agree with their decison to show them.

What I object to is this one sentence from the report:

With the threat of airstrikes, President Obama forced Assad to give up his chemical arsenal.

This is simply nonsense. It wasn't President Obama who forced Assad to give up his arsenal, it was a deal brokered by the Russians in September 2013. OK, it was officially and the Russians and the Obama Administration, but it was Vladimir Putin's initiative.

It is interesting that Scott Pelley didn't see fit to mention Obama drew a red line when it came to Syria using chemical weapons and then they crossed it without facing the consequences. This isn't exactly a small detail. 

Hillary’s Campaign for Foreign Cash

By on 4.20.15 | 5:07PM

Hillary Clinton’s campaign may have a serious campaign crisis if the allegation is true that she traded official government action for contributions to the Clinton Foundation.

The New York Times reports today on revelations upcoming from Peter Schweizer’s new book Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich.

Amy Chozick reports, “The book, a copy of which was obtained by The New York Times, asserts that foreign entities who made payments to the Clinton Foundation and to Mr. Clinton through high speaking fees received favors from Mrs. Clinton’s State Department in return.” The story quotes Schweizer as saying, “We will see a pattern of financial transactions involving the Clintons that occurred contemporaneous with favorable U.S. policy decisions benefiting those providing the funds.”

If true, these allegations could be career ending.

Bill de Blasio Wants to Be the Liberal Alternative to Hillary Clinton

By on 4.20.15 | 1:01PM

Nobody's mentioned his name in the context of a Presidential run just yet, and the verdict is still out on whether New Yorkers are happy with his tenure in leadership, but Bill de Blasio is, reportedly, talking in hushes and whispers with Democratic insiders, sniffing out whether there's room for a "progressive" challenge to Hillary Clinton.

Clinton, of course, is prime to get, as we now say, "Rahm-ed": that is, while she's spent the last week crafting her progressive credentials, trying to establish a fake friendship with Elizabeth Warren, and pretending to care about the lesser worldly concerns of the poor people by complaining about CEO pay (she makes more than the average), and chastizing SCOTUS for Citizens United (as though she'd ever willingly submit to a publicly-funded campaign), she's barely made a dent in her solidly moderate public profile. There's a reason they refer to a particularly middle-of-the-road, pseudo-Socialist political ideology as "Clintonesque." And as such, she's opened the door to a progressive challenger, who may not be successful, but will at least add that extra twist into Hillary's granny panties.

John Kasich Wants to Be President, Will Now Go to Gay Wedding

By on 4.20.15 | 12:34PM

Apparently, over the weekend, the media was absolutely obsessed with asking Republican candidates whether they would ever take part in a family member of friend's same-sex wedding. Turns out, a few had never had the opportunity to attend one, Ted Cruz would probably go but would definitely carry a copy of the Constitution in case anyone asked about the legal validity of the union on a Federal level, Scott Walker totally has a gay friend, and Rick Santorum, who was definitely not asked for his thoughts on the subject, would avoid the gay wedding like he'd get Ebola for coming within a 30 foot radius.

If you're more of a masochist than I, please feel free to make yourself a rubric of their positions to reference later, because I'm positive it'll be important. Not as important as, say, what each of the respective candidates plan to do to address economic instability or the burgeoning nuclear apocalypse across the Atlantic, but important.