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Walker Surges to Seven Point Lead Over Burke in WI

By on 10.29.14 | 4:43PM

Over the past several months, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his Democrat challenger Mary Burke have been in a dogfight. Two weeks ago, a Marquette poll had the two tied at 47% apiece among likely voters. But now the latest Marquette poll has Walker leading Burke by seven points (50% to 43%) with the election less than a week away.

This is because Republicans are more likely to turn out for Walker than Democrats and independents are for Burke. This is a consequence of Burke's unfavorability rating going up.

Could this poll be an outlier? Maybe, but as John McCormack of The Weekly Standard explains:

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Kim Jong Un Executed 10 People for Watching Soap Operas

By on 10.29.14 | 4:32PM

Kim Jong Un has returned from his short absence (intelligence authorities now believe he had a substitute dictator as he recovered from had ankle surgery), and those who flouted his authority while he was unable to properly discipline them are paying the price. Ten North Korean officials have reportedly been executed because they tuned in to some South Korean soap operas to pass the time. 

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is seeking to erase the remaining influence of his dead uncle, executing about 10 senior Workers’ Party officials on charges from graft to watching South Korean soap operas, according to an aide to a South Korean lawmaker.

The deaths by shooting are part of Kim’s latest round of purges, said Lim Dae Sung, a secretary to ruling Saenuri Party lawmaker Lee Cheol Woo who attended a briefing at the National Intelligence Service yesterday in Seoul.

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Malala Donates $50,000 to UNRWA to Rebuild Palestinian Schools

By on 10.29.14 | 1:07PM

Malala Yousafzai, co-recipient of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize, has donated $50,000 to rebuild Palestinian schools in Gaza that sustained damage during this past summer's escalation in conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The $50,000 is from the World's Childrens Prize she received in Stockholm and all of it will be going to the UN Relief Works Agency (UNRWA) which works exclusively with Palestinian refugees. Unlike refugees from the rest of the world who flee their countries of origin to escape imprisonment or death, Palestinian refugee status passes from generation to generation and one never need to set foot in Gaza or the West Bank to be considered a Palestinian refugee.

Needless to say UNRWA was delighted with this development and posted Malala's remarks concerning the donation:

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Cosmo Empowers Women to Vote With Shirtless Male Rapper Video

By on 10.29.14 | 12:12PM

Back in August, Cosmopolitan, the magazine women can count on to deliver their monthly, non-ironic quota of self-esteem cracking diet tips alongside endless articles about how the culture pressures women to be skinny and perfect, decided that it was going to make a foray into politics. After all, if there was anything women needed to help them break into the Patriarchical political system, it was a tome partially devoted to instructing women on how to perform bizarre and humiliating sex acts (MAJOR content warning on that link, obviously). Of course, as Cosmo told Politico, their audience of low-information female voters have to get their political advice from somewhere, so it may as well be from the magazine they read in the hour or so it takes for their hair color to set.

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The Most Overwrought Ad This Year?

By on 10.29.14 | 10:27AM

Democrats and liberal organizations have put out a lot of hyperbolic, hyperventilating ads this year...almost all related to birth control, since they don't actually have a positive agenda to run on. This matches my predictions of several months ago...{patting self on back}.

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Two Massachusetts High School Students Face Possible Expulsion for Posing with Airsoft Guns

By on 10.29.14 | 9:21AM

Two teens from Taunton, Massachusetts have been given 10-day suspensions and possibly face expulsion for posting pictures on Facebook holding airsoft guns.

Tito Velez and his girlfriend Jamie Pereira posted the pictures last Friday prior to attending the homecoming dance at Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School. One of the photos bore the caption "Homecoming 2014".

The two attended the dance without incident. But when school officials found out about the photos, the two were immediately suspended. School superintendent Dr. Richard Gross said the dance would have been cancelled had he been aware of the photos on Friday.

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Thoughts on Australia’s Ebola Travel Ban

By on 10.28.14 | 11:22PM

Consider what this Reuters report had to say about Australia's travel ban from three West African countries currently in the midst of an Ebola outbreak:

Australia has not recorded a case of Ebola despite a number of scares, and conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott has so far resisted repeated requests to send medical personnel to help battle the outbreak on the ground.

Two things.

First, yet Australia has not recorded a case of Ebola and it wants to keep it that way.

Second, note how the passage emphasizes that Abbott is a conservative and won't help stop the outbreak. The underlying message is clear: Abbott is a conservative and doesn't give a damn about those who are suffering. 

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Obama Officials Call Netanyahu Coward & Chickens#@t

By on 10.28.14 | 10:29PM

It has long been clear the disdain with which President Obama holds Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Not surprisingly this contempt extends to a number of officials within the Obama Administration. In a series of interviews conducted by Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic, one Obama official refers to Netanyahu as "chickens#@t" and the "only thing he cares about his political survival." As if Obama doesn't care about such things.

This same official also said Netanyahu was "afraid to start wars." This from the Administration whose red line Syria crossed without consequence. For good measure, this official said Netanyahu was "no Rabin, Sharon and certainly not Begin." This is precious considering how Rabin, Sharon and Begin have long been bogeymen of the Left.

Another official called Netanyahu "a coward, arrogant" and said he has "Asperger's Syndrome". 

It's too bad that Iran and ISIS don't inspire such contempt from the Obama Administration.

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Obama in The Bargain Book Bin

By on 10.28.14 | 9:52PM

A couple of weeks back, I was in a second hand bookstore near the Old South Meeting House and bought a 2010 book by Richard Wolffe titled Revival: The Struggle for Survival Inside the Obama White House and have just finished reading it. Much of the book dealt with the passage of Obamacare. I feel the need to remind myself of the level of Obama worship in the liberal media and to put things into historical perspective. Consider this passage:

Obama had now served as president for fourteen months, which was still only two-thirds of the time he spent campaigning for the job. He was already a war president utterly unlike George W. Bush and a health care president utterly unlike Bill Clinton. He aspired to have the impact of a Reagan and avoid the fate of a Carter. He wound down a war like a Nixon but hoped to inspire like a Kennedy. There would be many cruel months ahead, but he had stumbled his way through the wasteland. This was the season of his revival.

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Why Rob Ford is Back on Toronto City Council

By on 10.28.14 | 3:57PM

Emily is decidedly unimpressed that the people of Ward 2 elected soon to be former mayor Rob Ford to Toronto City Council:

People of Toronto City Council Ward 2, we understand what you're doing. Clearly, the intent is to have Rob Ford continue to entertain people he represents into infinity, as though his habits of getting boozed up in public places and happening into the recording screen of a cellular phone will continue. But this is a little like insisting that Lindsay Lohan is a good actress who can definitely pull off a David Mamet play on London's West End. Based on prior experience, we want to believe it won't be a disaster. But deep, deep down in our hearts, we know that Lindsay Lohan lost all her talent around the time she lost all the elasticity in her face. And we know that Rob Ford is a train wreck waiting to happen that you, City Council Ward 2, will be responsible for.

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