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Haikus from Us to You

By on 12.23.13 | 1:42PM

In celebration of National Haiku Day, the staff of the American Spectator decided to apply their wit and wisdom within the constraints of the miniscule 5-7-5 meter. Here are a few of the contributions:

Anne Hobson, new media associate:

Thick-walled, white buildings.

Flag pin facades on black suits.

D.C. politics.


IRS fumbles,

NSA, ACA, lies.

A year of scandals.


Ho ho ho ha ha,

It’s the last day to sign up

for Obamacare.


Obama Term Two:

If you like your health insurance,

you can’t keep it…heh!


“I wont speculate.”

“I’m not going to tell you.”

Classic Jay Carney.


Patrick Gallivan, office manager:

How exciting! For

Santa's birthday draws closer - 

or so says worldly man.


Patrick Ryan, new media associate:

Christmas time is here.

Put away porn and pizza.

Lose yourself today.  


Kyle Peterson, managing editor:

Old Phil Robertson

Doesn't find Ellen funny

So off with his head!


No more insurance.

But where can I get a pair

Of those nice P.J.s?


Mr. Rouhani,

Your fissile material

makes me wet my pants.


Trade the sequester?

And for practically nothing?

What the hell, Ryan!


Weak prez, tired troops...

When the zombies mass attack,

we're totally f***ed.


Matt Purple, assistant managing editor:

White House PR man:

O-Care? Poll numbers? Selfies?

Well, cancel my flight.


Winter wonderland?

Wearing shorts watching snow melt?

Must be Bush's fault.


Away from DC.

Family. Warmth. Lights aglow.

The best time of year.


Do you have a haiku in your headpolitical, seasonal, or otherwise?  Comment below!

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