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Re: Calling a Democrat a…

By on 1.26.06 | 2:19PM

I dissent. To say "Democrat Party" instead of "Democratic Party" does more damage to the credibility of the speaker than to that of the subject. This, I believe, is Bill Buckley's position, and I'd have some trepidation about opposing WFB as far as the English language is concerned.

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Salazar Hates Italians

By on 1.26.06 | 2:12PM

Well, that's one way to spin Sen. Ken Salazar's remarks on the Senate floor now. He's voting against Judge Alito, the son of an immigrant, because, among other reasons, he's not a diversity pick.

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Iraqi WMD still in Syria

By on 1.26.06 | 2:06PM

Best source confirms the intelligence of Iraqi wmd moved to Syria in 2002 provided by Iraqi Air Force general Sada in his new book, SADDAM'S SECRETS.

Writing in today's New York Sun, editor Ira Stoll, after a meeting with Sada at the Sun's offices, summarizes Sada's evidence. In June 2002, Chemical Ali supervised the transfer of wmd chemical stocks from Baghdad to Damascus by loading the cargo onto Iraqi Airlines 747s with seats stripped out. There were fifty six flights in all, with the cover story that Iraq was aiding Syria after disastrous flooding. Name of Syrian general receiving wmd not confirmed by best source, pending.

This is consistent with intelligence developed over many years that Iraq developed a multiple layered CBRN program.

Sada, fearing for his life, and the lives of his sources the pilots who flew some of the aircraft, also makes mention of civilian truck convoys transfering wmd to Syaria prior to the war. This connects with multiple reports from IDF general officers, active and retired, that convoys were observed travelling from Baghdad to Damascus and then onto Lebanon in late 2002.

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Newsflash: Kerry May Run Again

By on 1.26.06 | 1:48PM

The AP breathlessly reports from Davos that (gasp!) Sen. Jean Francois Kerry has his eye on the presidency still. In light of his near-daily press releases, who knew?

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Re: Palestinians Vote for Terror

By on 1.26.06 | 1:20PM

James: Yes, but. You write that, " will be increasingly held to account as a would-be legitimate real state with a freely elected government." I agree. It should. But in the "freedom is slavery" double-speak of the UN, the opposite result is guaranteed.

I predict that, no matter how obvious the result is, no matter how many times the Hamas-led government refuses to recognize Israel or renounce violence, the EUnuchs and the Turtle Bay crime family will, in equal frequency, give them "another chance." Don't forget. The Palestinians have permanent refugee status in the UN. To recognize their state, and to hold it responsible, would end the oldest established permanent floating fiction in the UN. Aside from the Security Council, the General Assembly and the Secretariat, that is.

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Dems for Alito

By on 1.26.06 | 1:07PM

Joining Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska in voting to confirm Judge Alito is South Dakota's Tim Johnson (hat tip: Malkin). In addition, Bob Novak reported in today's column that Kent Conrad of North Dakota is expected to join his fellow plains state moderates. Fifty-one Republicans have also announced their support for Alito.

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Re: Palestinians Vote for Terror

By on 1.26.06 | 11:08AM

Jed -- it's true: they chose poorly. But (to mix gambling metaphors) the Russian roulette of letting the Palestinians pick their own horse and allowing the chips to fall where they may has its own mad logic to it. In a world of rotten policy options, forcing the issues of terror and chaos by legitimizing a process that votes terrorists into power continues the idea behind unilateral Israeli withdrawal: you want a state? Here -- make one.

A Palestinian Authority under Hamas may be a squalid monster of a semi-state, but it will be increasingly held to account as a would-be legitimate real state with a freely elected government. This could mean a lot of things -- including the cutoff of funding -- but what it does mean for sure is that raising the stakes by legitimizing the Palestinian vote, whatever its outcome, boldly bets on the wisdom of putting responsibility for their actions as a would-be state in their very own democratic hands.

Is that bet the synergy of neoconservatism and realism? Yes.

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Calling a Democrat a …

By on 1.26.06 | 10:54AM

Democrats hate it when people call it the "Democrat Party."

A friend of ours insists that that is what they should be called. To call them "Democratic" invests them with a heritage and an import that is not accurate nor earned, given their political positions.

She is right. The Democrat Party is what it is. And the behavior of the White House press corps during the press conference -- just about everyone in the room is no doubt either a registered Democrat or thinks like one -- confirms just why we should continue to call Democrats the Democrat Party.

It's petty. But that's what makes it so much fun.

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Veto Spending

By on 1.26.06 | 10:02AM

Should you be more aggressive in vetoing spending bills?

Bush: They've met the budget targets. I'm pleased that I have a working relationship with Frist and Hastert to meet those targets. ... I'm fully prepared to use the veto if they overspend.

Lame. Super lame. They've overspent for five years, to the tune of a 25 percent increase in non-defense discretionary spending.

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Editors Find the Eyebrow Irresistable

By on 1.26.06 | 9:55AM

Check out the lead photo of the USA Today's dispatch on the liberal blogosphere's chilly reception for "moderate" Tim Kaine (don't worry! he's really one of you!): They chose an eyebrow shot. If I were a bettin' man, I'd put big money on most State of the Union response photos of Kaine exploiting his most entertaining facial trait.

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