The Spectacle Blog Wants MSNBC to Suspend Chris Matthews…And They Might Have a Point

By on 2.9.16 | 4:01PM

Recently, issued a petition demanding that MSNBC suspend Chris Matthews "because of his constant shilling for Hillary Clinton.", which supports Bernie Sanders, might have a legitimate beef. Matthews wife, Kathleen, is running for Congress in Maryland and as The Daily Caller revealed this morning, many of her top donors are Hillary Clinton's top donors.

It is worth remembering that MSNBC suspended Keith Olbermann for donations he made to three Democratic candidates in the 2010 mid-term elections

Matthews has a blatant conflict of interest. Surely, he has a vested interest in the outcome of Hillary vs. Bernie.

David Brooks Misses A Lot More Than The Crease in Obama’s Pants

By on 2.9.16 | 2:43PM

President Obama will be in office for another 346 days. But David Brooks misses him already:

Obama radiates an ethos of integrity, humanity, good manners and elegance that I’m beginning to miss, and that I suspect we will all miss a bit, regardless of who replaces him.

I wonder why the Obama White House didn't see fit to hire Brooks. Perhaps he is more useful to them as a New York Times conservative.

As much as I loathe Donald Trump, I loathe Barack Obama even more and would not miss him for a nanosecond. After all, if it weren't for Obama's deference to our enemies and disdain for America and her Allies, there would be no chance that Trump would be a viable presidential candidate.

Bill Clinton Says Bernie Sanders’ Supporters Are “Sexist” & “Profane” (In Other News, Pot Calls Kettle Black)

By on 2.8.16 | 12:50PM

You know Hillary Clinton's campaign is in trouble when Bill Clinton says Bernie Sanders' supporters are being "sexist" and "profane".

Under normal circumstances, Bill Clinton could be called upon as an expert witness on sexist and profane behavior. But these are not normal circumstances. When it comes to Hillary, nothing is normal.

If the Clintons have their way not only are Bernie's supporters a bunch of sexist hounds, but they would also have us believe that Bernie is not only a tool of the NRA, but a reincarnation of Charlton Heston.

Women Who Don’t Support Hillary Clinton Are Probably Going to Hell

By on 2.8.16 | 12:18PM

At least according to Madeleine Albright.

Last week, there was a Hill story about an organized pressure campaign on Elizabeth Warren, designed to shame her into openly supporting Hillary Clinton rather than the person who fits better with her New England socialist lifestyle, Bernie Sanders. This week, there's word that Clinton surrogate Madeleine Albreight has damned Bernie's feminist legions to Hell for their gender apostasy, openly declaring that they'll be chewed alive by Satan himself in the 11th circle if they don't wise up and get on the Clinton bus.

“Just remember, there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other,” Albright — who was the first-ever female secretary of state — told the audience.

Social Justice Warriors Spent Miserable Night Complaining About Superbowl Commercials

By on 2.8.16 | 10:30AM

It has to be awfully exhausting to be a social justice warrior these days - at least, emotionally exhausting.

Last night, as the rest of America was casually enjoying a night of fun and football, perhaps over mounts of Bud Lite and other assorted carbohydrates, a team of SJWs, charged with "exposing" the biased nature of Superbowl commercials, took to Twitter under the hashtag, #notbuyingit, critiquing ever commercial as it aired for its relative commitment to social justice principles and/or the progressive platform, whichever you happen to think rules the day. Among the complaints? A missive from NARAL, accusing Doritos of adopting the "antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses" when they aired a commercial depicting an unborn baby chasing a nacho chip right out of the womb. 

The Free-Style Pout

By on 2.8.16 | 12:13AM

Those who watched the post-game press conferences after Super Bowl 50 got to see young Cam Newton working on his free-style pout. Great athlete, but outside the lines he’s often 26 going on 14. OK, most of the questions were dumb. But they always are, and this is part of the game. After facing Denver’s D on the field, facing reporters in the press room should be a lot easier, if not edifying. Even after a heart-breaking loss.

There are plenty of NFL years left for the multi-talented Cam. Almost certainly he will one day be where Peyton Manning stood after this Super Bowl. Maybe by that time he will have learned how to act like a grownup.

Denver Broncos Win Super Bowl L; First Championship Since 1998

By on 2.7.16 | 10:49PM

The Denver Broncos have upset the Carolina Panthers 24-10 to win Super Bowl L. It marks their first Super Bowl title since 1998, when John Elway rode off into the sunset.

Well, it looks like Peyton Manning will follow Elway's lead and retire. 

Manning was not much of a factor in the game. This game belonged to the Broncos' defense which sacked Panthers' QB Cam Newton seven times. Two and a half of those sacks belonged to Broncos' linebacker Von Miller who was named Super Bowl L MVP.

As for Manning, he opted to make no announcement tonight. He said he would kiss his wife and kids and drink a lot of Bud. If he does retire, the Broncos have Brock Osweiler waiting in the wings and may have a seamless transition.

While it was a disappointing night for Newton and the Panthers, I believe they will be back, perhaps even next year. 

But tonight belongs to the Denver Broncos. Congratulations!

It’s About Cam Newton’s Character, Not His Color UPDATE

By on 2.7.16 | 6:24PM

Super Bowl L begins shortly and I would be remiss if I didn't mention Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton's recent comments about being an African-American quarterback "might scare some people because my skill set isn't like anybody else."

Needless to say it's rubbish. Last I checked Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is African-American and doesn't scare anyone. What turns people off about Newton isn't his color, it's his character. It isn't his blackness, it's his brashness. Chicago Bears legend Richard Dent wants to knock Newton's ass out of the game. And in case you didn't know Dent is black.

Rubio Can Rebound in Next Saturday’s South Carolina GOP Debate

By on 2.7.16 | 5:38PM

Marco Rubio rather than Donald Trump has all the headlines today. Unfortunately, it is for all the wrong reasons. As Ross puts it so cuttingly:

Marco Rubio had taken arguably the most important debate of his career and instead of using it to cement his position as the leading alternative to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz he proved accurate Chris Christie’s recent criticisms of him as being the “boy in the bubble.”

Yet it remains to be seen if Rubio's bubble has burst altogether. Let's say for argument's sake that Rubio's debate performance is sufficient to keep him out of second place in New Hampshire. Keep in mind that Republicans will convene for another presidential debate in South Carolina in six days. Rubio will have an opportunity to redeem himself and knock Chris Christie on his ass. It will be a test of Rubio's ability to come back from adversity. I think Rubio is simply too talented not to be able to rebound.


By on 2.7.16 | 12:58PM

Those who read Sunday op-eds, and who’ll read think pieces posted online, will know that all that glisters is not gold, and that some writers are consistently uninteresting. In the spirit of disinterested benevolence I propose a metric (which for self-interested reasons I’ll call the Buckley Measure) to help separate the bores (0 Buckleys) from the consistently interesting (10 Buckleys). Let the entirely unreadable Kathleen Parker = 0 Buckleys, and (can’t read beyond the first sentence) Ramesh Ponnuru = 1 Buckleys, and St. Augustine = 10 Buckleys, and then rank people in-between.

Leave off the TAS writers, all of whom are consistently 9 Buckleys, or one short of sanctity. My problem is that I can’t think of too many people who rank above 4-5 Buckleys, and most are lower than that.

I note that it is contrary to the rules of the game to rank its author.