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Morning Round-Up 12-20

By on 12.20.13 | 9:56AM

Feature of the Day: Living Sick and Dying Young in Rich America

Morning Headlines


Associated Press

  1. Spy Panel Wants Duplicate Oversight Board Replaced
  2. Gay Marriage Supporters See Hope in Deep-Red Ind.


  1. White House broadens Obamacare exemptions
  2. The Baucus backstory
  3. Senate sends defense bill to Obama


  1. U.S. general in charge of missiles fired for drinking, carousing—investigation
  2. Senate eases path for sending more Guantanamo detainees home
  3. New Jersey governor to approve in-state tuition for illegal immigrants

Wall Street Journal

  1. Obama Issues Rare Veto Threat on Iran Bill
  2. Obama Commutes Sentences of 8 Jailed on Cocaine Charges
  3. U.S. Deportations Down 10% in 2013

Washington Post

  1. In embrace of ‘Duck Dynasty’ star, 2016 hopefuls make bid for evangelicals
  2. Congress poised to approve reforms to address sexual assault, rape in military
  3. Republicans cite new audit as grounds to delay Mayorkas vote

Washington Times

  1. Huge backlash mounts over suspension of ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson
  2. GOP wants intel chief investigated for lying to Congress over NSA
  3. Latest Obamacare delay faces swift GOP criticism

Top Conservative Stories of the Day:

The American Conservative

  1. Books of 2013
  2. Death Penalty Continues Decade-Long Decline

The Blaze

  1. MSNBC Panel Breaks Down in Hysterics While Discussing ‘Insufferable Man-Child’ In Obamacare Ad


  1. Christianity Booming in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa
  2. Robertson Publicly Preached About Homosexuality in 2010, A&E Hired Him Anyway

 The Daily Caller     

  1. Feds fail to send records on 10,000 Iowa Medicaid applications
  2. Should we stop being mean to Pajama Boy?

  1. Obama White House ‘Surprised’ by Recent Drops in Unemployment Rate
  2. Harry Reid: ‘No Greater Challenge…Than Income Inequality’

National Review

  1. Ladies’ Man
  2. Story of the Year

Washington Free Beacon

  1. The Inequality Business: What’s really at stake in the inequality debate
  2. Hagel Calls Chinese Naval Action ‘Irresponsible’

Top Liberal Stories of the Day:

The Daily Beast

  1. Terrorists for Human Rights
  2. Exclusive: Obama Declines to Add Names to Russian Sanction List

Talking Points Memo

  1. Industry Groups Give Up on Medicaid Expansion in Big Blow to Obamacare
  2. Pope Francis Praises Recycling as Good for the Environment


       1. 9 Incredibly Important Things That Happened In 2013 That Most People Aren’t Talking About

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