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Recap from the Tweet-up with Nansen Malin

By on 12.17.13 | 4:37PM

On Monday at 2 pm, The American Spectator hosted a tweet-up with Nansen Malin, who currently works as the Washington State Director for Americans for Prosperity. She has held prominent positions in Washington State politics and nationally is one of the most followed conservatives on Twitter, with over 600,000 followers.

Here’s what we learned from our Twitter discussion with @nansen about what the Affordable Care Act means for Americans.

Less access, longer waits:

Chris McCoy ‏‪@ChrisYMcCoy 

Do people think Insurance ‪#Obamacare or otherwise = good care? Seems CARE will be reduced as Dr's flee practices ‪@nansen ‪@AmSpec ‪#TAS

Nansen Malin ‏‪@nansen

‪@ChrisYMcCoy I am personally amazed people don’t connect the dots and still believe the spin. We have less access, longer waits. ‪#TAS

LibertyPhysics: @LibertyPhysics

‪@ChrisYMcCoy ‪@nansen ‪@AmSpec care will be reduced and medical innovation stopped.

Obamacare is harming the people it is supposed to help:

Nansen Malin ‏‪@nansen

I would like to hear from people who lost their insurance plan ‪#TAS Let's talk about it.

Nansen Malin ‏‪@nansen

RT ‪@saylesclark: We lost our insurance also (in WA).  Old plan $647/mo.  New plan $1117/mo. And it’s not any better ‪#TAS

Nansen Malin ‏‪@nansen

Here in WA State, the exchange has been erroneously taking $$ out of bank accounts all ready! ‪#TAS ‪#scrooge Terrible Christmas present!

Nansen Malin ‏‪@nansen

NOW ppl have until end of Dec 2 pay, was Dec 16 then 23 now 31. HHS wants insurers to grant some coverage retroactively! ‪#TAS ‪@AmSpec

Onearmed Economist ‏‪@1ArmdEconomist

‪@Nansen ‪@Amspec Where is my $2,500.00 in Obamacare savings? ‪#TAS 

Nansen Malin ‏‪@nansen

‪@1ArmdEconomist Average costs have gone up $3,500 since that promise.

The private sector does it better:

Chris McCoy ‏‪@ChrisYMcCoy  

I thought people still can't pay accurately. Did they get a paypal link up for ‪#Obamacare lol? ‪@nansen ‪@AmSpec ‪#TAS

Nansen Malin ‏‪@nansen

‪@ChrisYMcCoy lol example of private sector doing it better! ‪#paypal ‪#TAS ‪@AmSpec

The bad, the worse, and the unnecessary:

Nansen Malin ‏‪@nansen

RT ‪@Kwills11: ‪@nansen ah but the males on your plan get maternity care in the new plan. Bet your old substandard plan didn't have that! ‪#TAS ‏‪@watchdogwire

‪@nansen Are there any negative implications/regulations of ‪#Obamacare that aren't being talked about yet? ‪#TAS

Nansen Malin ‏‪@nansen

‏‪@watchdogwire How are insurance companies paid?

Rachel Swaffer ‏‪@rswaff

‪@nansen ‪@AmSpec do you agree that ‪#Obamacare is ‪@BarackObama's Katrina?  How will it impact Dem. party? ‪#TAS

Nansen Malin ‏‪@nansen

‪@rswaff  It is worse than Katrina. But will the media still carry his water? ‪#TAS How can media explain away all this?

All in all, yesterday’s tweet-up consisted of a thorough discussion about a timely topic. Follow @Amspec to participate in our next tweet-up.

Want to see the whole conversation? Search #TAS on Twitter. 

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