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Re: Specter Unvarnished

By on 6.16.06 | 12:34PM

What is this, John? An invitation to ridicule, from a colleague? Not very polite. I am not "with" Oliver Stone. And I seem to remember the Discovery Channel doing a special on the hidden Kennedy assassin, too. Interesting show.

Re: Specter Unvarnished

By on 6.16.06 | 11:02AM

Good Lord, who knew: Lawrence Henry is with Oliver Stone on the Kennedy Assassination!

The single bullet theory is absolutely correct. The Discovery Channel's Unsolved History re-enactment proved its technical plausibility, and the alternate theory simply beggars belief: How could a multi-shooter conspiracy be kept secret for forty years (even after the fall of Communism and the accompanying opening of Soviet intelligence files) with no one coming forward with hard evidence? Imagine the money to be made!

New Mass Translation Approved

By on 6.16.06 | 10:19AM

The bishops took the plunge into a new translation of the Mass yesterday. Good news for those who have long lamented the current English translation's clumsiness.

However, the New York Times article notes, the bishops also rejected over 60 of the changes recommended by the International Committee on English in the Liturgy. The Vatican may still have a few things to say about that, Fr. Z points out, calling the bishops' move "a game of chicken." (Hat tip: Amy Welborn)

The KosCaucus

By on 6.16.06 | 8:41AM

The ever-clever and insightful Hugh Hewitt has dubbed the fringe Democrats in Congress the KosCaucus. Brilliant. Their core membership was on display yesterday in both Houses, where the likes of Boxer, Byrd, Feingold, Harkin, Kerry and Kennedy in the Senate and Harmon, Murtha and Waters were undercutting our finest and bravest's efforts overseas. We're hearing that despite the embarrassing defeats yesterday in votes and in the media, Kerry in the Senate and Pelosi in the House both felt things went well. Heh. If there is something to be said for Pelosi's efforts, it's that she appears to solidified her position as House leader of the Democrats. This was something many of us weren't seeing even six months ago. What we're hearing now is that Pelosi is now in a stronger position politically within her own conference than she has been in the past 18 months. That says more about the state of Democrats than it does her mediocre political and strategic skills.

Wilson’s Cabal

By on 6.16.06 | 8:20AM

Former CIA analyst and charter member of the "Amb. Joe Wilson Deception Brigade" has a "classy" post on his website about President Bush adviser Karl Rove.

Johnson has been a critic of the Bush Administration from the beginning. Our guess is that the former CIA employee's bitterness stems from the lack of national publicity he got years ago when he was starting up his private security and intelligence firm. We remember him -- with little success -- trying to ride Osama bin Laden's cloak tails after the African bombings in the late '90s with appearances on local Washington, D.C. morning shows. He was small time then, and he's small time now, as evidenced by his attempts at putting a couple of sentences together.

Re: Specter Unvarnished

By on 6.16.06 | 6:40AM


Of course I wasn't there, but color me unimpressed. Specter is awfully good at saying what specific audiences want to hear. The man has no scruples at all.

And the single bullet theory is still preposterous.

Specter Unvarnished

By on 6.15.06 | 11:38PM

Split the Ninth Circuit -- Kerry's record as "vacuous" -- Santorum will win.....Read more about it!

Tonight The American Spectator hosted one of our occasional dinners with an interesting newsmaker, most of which such occasions are off the record. But our guest tonight, Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, specifically asked that the free-flowing discussion be mostly on the record. And what a discussion it was! Specter was engaging, remarkably candid, and decidedly interesting throughout. Among his comments, mostly in chronological order:

* Yes, he said, the U.S. judicial Ninth Circuit (known for its extremely liberal judges) is too big, and he intends to do something about it fairly soon. "We will split the circuit." "I believe we will split the court.... I believe it is something we will do early next year."

* He has some questions about the ongoing Valerie Plame investigation and about dragging certain unnamed persons (read: Karl Rove) before the grand jury five different times. "Down the line, when that case is finished, I hope to have some oversight on it."