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House Overwhelmingly Approves Budget Deal

By on 12.12.13 | 6:47PM

The votes are in and, for those of us who opposed Ryan-Murray, it’s not pretty:

The House on Thursday approved a two-year budget deal that turns off $63 billion in sequester spending cuts, handing a major victory to Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio.).

Large majorities in both parties backed the bill in a 332-94 vote.

Only 62 Republicans defected despite harsh criticism of the deal by conservative groups that said it did too little to cut spending.

So long continuing resolutions, so long sequester, and, perhaps, so long to a degree of conservative influence? Pressure from usually fearsome groups like Heritage Action and the Club for Growth didn’t move the needle much, and Boehner’s verbal blow earlier today doesn’t bode well either. Will two years without a budget battle soothe the two sides? Or doth we adjourn to the armory, gentlemen, to prepare for the inevitable REPUBLICAN CIVIL WAR!! that the media keeps declaring? Time will tell.

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