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Morning Round-Up 12-10

By on 12.10.13 | 9:45AM

Morning Headlines

Feature of the Day: The Fascinating Origin of Arlington National Cemetary


Associated Press

  1. Pension Crisis Endangers Chicago’s Future
  2. Tech Firms Vie to Protect Personal Data, Profits
  3. St. Nicks Learn Tricks of Trade At Santa School


  1. Nelson Mandela memorial: President Obama honors Nelson Mandela
  2. GOP ads tie Dems to ACA ‘broken promise’
  3. Tough tactics on immigration reform


  1. U.S. set to adopt Volcker rule to curb bank trading gambles
  2. U.S. defense bill boosts funding for missile defense to $9.5 billion
  3. U.S. launches Spanish-language healthcare website

Wall Street Journal

  1. Republicans Shy Away From Their Own Health Plan
  2. Budget Deal Would Hit Air Passengers
  3. Military’s Immigration Battle

Washington Post

  1. Congress, with the clock ticking, nears deals on defense and budget bills
  2. Health care law’s aggregation rules pose a compliance nightmare for small businesses
  3. AIDS advocates say drug coverage in some marketplace plans is inadequate

Washington Times

  1. Under Obama, troops forced to rely on welfare, holiday charity to make ends meet
  2. Oregon fails to sign up single person on health care website as states struggle
  3. SEC fact stranger than John Grisham fiction: Feds hire jury gurus, trial fixers

Top Conservative Stories of the Day:

The American Conservative

  1. China’s Monroe Doctrine—Or Escalation in Asia?
  2. Obama at the Saban Summit

The Blaze

  1. ‘Inexperienced,’ ‘Powerless’ and ‘Timid’: This Man May Not Be What MSNBC Expected To Hear From a Focus Group Grading Obama


  1. Food Stamp Nation: Child Homelessness Spikes in NYC
  2. Corpse of Tortured Mexican National Found in U.S. Near Border

 The Daily Caller     

  1. Northeast states press EPA to crack down on Rust Belt, South
  2. Rich get richer, rest stagnate in economic ‘recovery’

  1. 31.9%: U.S.-Mexico Border City Leads Nation in Unemployment
  2. CBO: Top 40% Paid 106.2% of Income Taxes; Bottom 40% Paid -9.1%, Got Average of $18,950 in ‘Transfers’

National Review

  1. How Presidents Lie
  2. The GOP’s Sequestration Schizophrenia

Washington Free Beacon

  1. U.N. Declares 2014 Year of Palestinian Solidarity
  2. Winter Games: China holds war games near Korean border

Top Liberal Stories of the Day:

The Daily Beast

  1. Tea Party Rep. Steve Stockman Targets John Cornyn
  2. Inside the Kiev Crackdown

Talking Points Memo

  1. Inside the Emerging Deal To Save the Food Stamp Program
  2. Top Clinton Aide John Podesta To Return to White House As Senior Counselor to Obama


  1. Why Miley Cyrus Should Be The 2013 Person of the Year Instead of Pope Francis


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