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If Bob Filner Were a Republican

By on 12.9.13 | 4:05PM

The saga of former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is disgusting. I feel like I need to take a shower after writing about it.

Filner was accused (and certainly guilty) of sexually harassing multiple women, many of whom were seeking his counsel as mayor, and some of whom had the misfortune to cross paths with him in social situations.

He stayed in office for far too long after the accusations started flooding out. Democrats hope they can get away with such things in the post-Clinton era. Just ask Anthony Weiner who, although he didn't win, stubbornly refused to get out of the NYC mayoral race.

According to the Associated Press, Filner "pleaded guilty in October to one felony and two misdemeanors for placing a woman in a headlock, kissing another woman and grabbing the buttocks of a third."

Today, following a plea agreement, the pervert was sentenced to three months of house arrest and three years of probation. In other words, he avoided any jail time, and received a punishment far below the maximum possible penalty of five years in prison.

I can't help but wonder whether almost every aspect of this sickening story would have happened differently if the perpetrator had been a Republican politician.

The media would have called for his head much sooner, as would his local supporters.

He would probably have resigned sooner, and apologized (in a way that appeared at least possibly sincere.)

The sentence would likely have been much stiffer.

The Associated Press would have mentioned his political party in the first paragraph of the story rather than the last. But that's better than CNN, which didn't identify Filner as a Democrat in their article about his sentencing. The NY Times uses a modified version of the AP article linked above, adding that Filner "promised to earn back their trust and recover his integrity." One wonders how the Times will recover its integrity, as another modification made to the AP article was to rip out the identification of Filner as a Democrat.

Good riddance to Bob Filner. I hope he doesn't try to earn back our trust. First of all, that's impossible. Second of all, he should have the common sense and good manners to keep his filthy face out of polite society (and out of San Diego, too.)

(And for those liberals who want to complain about Republicans who cheat on their wives, I'm not defending those people or their "family values" hypocrisy, but at least their actions involved two consenting adults.)

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