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A Lament for the Lunenburg High School Football Team

By on 12.6.13 | 11:50AM

This is very, very troubling.

Last month, in Lunenburg, Massachusetts (which is about 45 miles northwest of Boston), the high football team had its season cancelled when members of its team were accused of spray painting racist graffiti on the home of a mixed race teammate named Isaac Phillips, who is 13-years old. The FBI was brought in to assist the Lunenburg Police Department in its investigation.

Within the past couple of days, local authorities have cleared members of the Lunenburg High School football team of any wrongdoing and have now set their focus on Phillips’ mother, Andrea Brazier.

If Brazier is indeed responsible for spraying the graffiti on her own property this will make the Lunenburg School District look foolish for having collectively punished its students for a heinous act they did not commit.

All of this makes me wonder if Phillips knew his mother was responsible for the graffiti or was somehow involved in it. If he was then he must face the consequences. But if he didn’t know his mother had done this then how could he ever forgive her? Phillips ended up changing schools in order to get away from this ugliness. Will he have to change homes as well?

Still, I feel the sorriest for the Lunenburg High School football team. Being accused of racism is about the worst thing that be said against someone. To unjustly accuse children of committing acts of racism is unpardonable. The Lunenburg High School football team deserves a public apology and recompense.

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