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Super Bowl Commercials Part 3

By on 2.5.06 | 6:46PM

Paul: You're entirely right. Some of them, like the Cadillac Escalade commercial, are going to the dark side. But I did like the Michelob Ultra Amber commercial. It's a guy thing.

As to Pitt, I love 'em, but they're playing like Washington. Why the *&^%^% aren't they pressuring Hasselbeck more? Roethlisberger is doing an imitation of Brunnel. Not good. (GO BIG BEN!).

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Early SB Impressions

By on 2.5.06 | 6:40PM

Jed: One ad you didn't mention was for a mortgage company whose name escapes me - it made a joke about a misunderstanding in a hospital involving the death of a patient. It was terrible.

Can anyone explain why Tom Brady, a contemporary with the players on the field, is selected for the coin toss, when a mob of MVPs from Super Bowls past is standing beside him? Who is in charge of these things?

And don't think I didn't notice the mentions of Coretta Scott King and the victims of Katrina, but no mention of our troops. I'm surprised the NFL didn't take a stand against offensive cartoons.

As for the game: so far my worst fears are being confirmed. But go Pitt.

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Super Bowl Commercials

By on 2.5.06 | 6:07PM

Ok, we're about ten minutes into the first quarter and tho the game isn't really going yet, here's the early talley on the commercials:

Bud Light: 2 for 3; good grab on the grizzley bear;

Burger King: entirely awful with the Busby Berkely hamberger;

Fed Ex; A home run with the cavemen. Hilarious.

So far so good.

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Unlikely Predictions

By on 2.5.06 | 1:47PM

Rudy Giuliani will win the Super Bowl, unless George Allen really wows 'em.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will win the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Brokeback Mountain will win the CPAC straw poll.

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Strange Image, Continued

By on 2.5.06 | 10:21AM

Glenn Reynolds emails:

Hard to say. I've noticed myself that when you compress photos, or use effects like Adobe "fill flash" it can make stuff look fake even when it's unaltered, by making the tonal balances unnatural. My guess is that that's what happened here, though I could be wrong.
I'll see if I can get a comment from Reuters and report back.
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Strange Image

By on 2.5.06 | 1:50AM

Is it just my imagination, or do the words on the signs in this picture look awfully Photoshopped? If the photo has been altered to translate the signs into English, shouldn't Reuters tell us that?

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Double Standards in Beantown

By on 2.4.06 | 2:04PM

Speaking of Eugene Volokh, he compares the Boston Globe editorial on the Danish cartoons to their editorials on art offensive to Christians. The results are non-shocking.

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