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Politicians and Bureaucrats Working Group, Pt. 2

By on 9.26.06 | 5:47PM

The Citizens' Health Care Working Group's report (PDF) is also plagued with a lot of nice-sounding fluff. For example, "Many Americans hold the view that public policy aimed at the growing crisis in health care cannot succeed unless all Americans are able to get the health care they need when they need it, and that all Americans pay their fair share."

What does that mean? How do you determine exactly when health care is needed, and how do you define "fair share"? Well, actually, I do know how that last one is defined: higher taxes.

The report also relies on some pretty meaningless poll results to support their first recommendation to "establish public policy that all Americans have affordable health care":

Politicians and Bureaucrats Working Group

By on 9.26.06 | 3:40PM

The Citizens' Health Care Working Group, created by the Medicare Prescription Drug Bill, released its final report (PDF) yesterday. The think tank I work for, NCPPR, released a statement on the report here. I'm going to do some blogging on this for the next few hours. (A response to Slivinksi will come later this evening.)

What I find most unsettling about the Working Group's recommendations is number 4, which calls for the establishment of "a nonpartisan public/private group to define America's core benefits and services and to update it on an ongoing process." Apparently, a group of "experts" sitting on a commission can determine what benefits are needed for nearly 300 million. Someone is not reading his Hayek.

More about Veggie Tales

By on 9.26.06 | 2:56PM

For a very complete story on how Veggie Tales got to the inconceivable point of trying to remove all references to God and/or the Bible from the show to be aired on NBC, check out Phil Vischer's blog. He takes you all the way from the founding of the company in 1990 to bankruptcy due to lawsuit and then to where we are today.

For those outraged Veggie Tales fans, the short answer is that Phil Vischer no longer has any control over the show whatsoever and that clearly hurts.