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Kerry Gloats Over “Iraq Mistakes”

By on 6.8.06 | 11:30AM

John Kerry issued his second fundraising email dismissing Republican success in California in as many days today:

Over at their posh headquarters on First Street -- just a few blocks from the U.S. Capitol -- they're sitting around scratching their heads. They just had to spend over $5 million in national GOP money to hold on to the California House seat vacated by Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

They eked out a "victory" by pouring in close to $100 for every vote cast in favor of their candidate -- in a district so Republican, they shouldn't have had to lift a finger.

Looking ahead to 435 House races, 33 Senate races, and hundreds of state and local contests, the strategists at Republican Party headquarters know that their $100 a vote formula just doesn't work.

They can't buy their way out of this one.

There aren't enough heavy-hitting Bush Pioneers left on the planet to help 2006 GOP candidates overcome their Iraq mistakes, their Katrina incompetence, and their miserable record of failure on everything from homeland security to health care to the environment.

“Hawaii Is Truly American”

By on 6.8.06 | 11:28AM

Hawaiians historically rejected the racial divisions that the Akaka bill would now impose, the Heritage Foundation's Erica Little and Todd Gaziano report in a new web memo today.

“The Prince of Al Qaeda in Iraq”

By on 6.8.06 | 11:21AM

Also, don't miss John Tabin's concise history of Zarqawi's involvement with al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, just posted.

“Zarqawi Made of That Trauma His True Religion”

By on 6.8.06 | 10:57AM

James G. Poulos has an excellent obituary for Abu Musab al-Zarqawi up on the front page now. He deftly places Zarqawi's life and death in the context of the Iraq war's history and future.

The Enemy Within

By on 6.8.06 | 10:08AM

As ever, for a sample of the Angry Left's reaction to Zarqawi's death, scan the KosKidz' comments:

The first one:

Bush's idea of justice is bombs falling out of the sky?

A few celebrate:

We have turned a corner for freedom.

But most don't want to turn from the refrain:

Zarqawi was quite probably a psy ops job in the first place, so what does that make his "death"?

Keep your eyes on the prize:

Gay marriage?

Flag burning?



Yep, they celebrate the alleged, rare misdeeds of the Marines. More:

RE: Ding Dong

By on 6.8.06 | 9:27AM

We would be remiss not to congratulate our military, our President, and the Iraqi people for this morning's victory in the ongoing war on terror.

Zarqawi Drops…

By on 6.8.06 | 8:15AM

...and so do oil prices.

More Good News

By on 6.8.06 | 8:08AM

A vexing deadlock over key Iraqi cabinet positions has been broken.

Blair and Bush React

By on 6.8.06 | 8:05AM

Blair: It's "a victory against al-Qaeda everywhere."

Bush: "U.S. forces delivered justice to the most wanted terrorist in Iraq."

Hawaiian Independence or Monarchy?

By on 6.8.06 | 7:20AM

Not to stem the swell of good news in the war on terror, but Daniel Akaka made especially revealing comments on his Native Hawaiians bill yesterday: "the governing entity will make a decision as to, uh, to independence or returning to the monarchy."

To illustrate these grand plans, Human Events posted a map from the Grassroots Institute of Hawaii displaying the vast amount of lands that would be available to transfer to the new government under the Akaka bill.