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Morning Round-Up 12-2

By on 12.2.13 | 11:03AM

Morning Headlines

Feature of the Day: Ron Burgundy Hosts Canadian Olympic Curling Trials


Associated Press

  1. Critical Thinking Hallmark of Common Core Class
  2. Gay Weddings Become Reality in Hawaii With New Law
  3. Cranes Righting Another Car of Derailed NYC Train


  1. 2016 fever tests Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama bond
  2. GOP targets blue states in battle for Senate
  3. Contraceptive cases raise religious liberty issues


  1. Biden on delicate mission to defuse tensions in East Asia
  2. U.S. website faces new tests as traffic builds
  3. U.S. calls on North Korea to release war veteran

Wall Street Journal

  1. Insurers Seek to Bypass Health Site
  2. Holiday Sales Sag Despite Blitz of Deals
  3. Key Ruling Looms in Detroit

Washington Post

  1. 113th Congress going down in history for its inaction, has a critical December to-do list
  2. meets deadline for fixes, Obama administration says
  3. Wimpy hurricane season a surprise—and a puzzle

Washington Times

  1. Protesters in Thailand threaten prime minister, seize ministries amid deadly demonstrations
  2. Retailers plead for federal help in war against ‘patent trolls’
  3. Privacy board springs to life after NSA revelations

Top Conservative Stories of the Day:

The American Conservative

  1. The Democrats’ Unlikely Hawk
  2. Why the ‘Warthog’ Matters

The Blaze

  1. ‘All Hell Is Going To Break Loose’: George Will’s Dire Obamacare Concern for 2014


  1. Ammo Price Surge Expected AS EPA Regulations Close Lead Smelter
  2. Mitch McConnell: Time for GOP Establishment to ‘Stand Up To’ Tea Party

 The Daily Caller     

  1. Obamacare website-maker runs failed Army Human Terrain System program
  2. Fed’s EQ policy imposes $360 billion tax on savers

  1. Terror Threat Rising, Intelligence Chairs Say: ‘New Bombs, Very Big Bombs’
  2. Biden Heads to Asia to ‘Reaffirm’ U.S. Presence As A ‘Pacific Power’

National Review

  1. The War on Conservative Minorities
  2. Hawaii’s Health Exchange Is the Nation’s Worst

Washington Free Beacon

  1. NRA: Massachusetts ‘Abusing’ Citizens
  2. Backwards and Upwards

Top Liberal Stories of the Day:

The Daily Beast

  1. Is the Fix Too Late to Save Obamacare?
  2. The GOP’s Nuclear Winter Strategy

 Talking Points Memo

  1. Report: 100,000 Signed Up For Obamacare As Website Was Revamped
  2. Amazon Developing Drone Delivery Service


  1. Where the Minimum Wage Would Be If It Kept Pace With the Earnings of the 1%


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