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Imagine When They Are Affected

By on 11.26.13 | 3:21PM

A new Gallup poll suggests that 69 percent of Americans -- only one percent less than 18 months ago, far before Obamacare's implementation -- say that they remain unaffected by the law. The percentage of Americans who say that have been helped by the law dropped 3 points, and those hurt by the law rose three points.

Given what seems to be the substantial political impact of Obamacare so far, to the detriment of Democrats, it's difficult to imagine (but fun trying) just what will happen to Democrat candidates in upcoming elections as the law's damaging impacts take greater grip on Americans.

In a very sharp change from the last survey taken just before the Obamacare rollout, twice as many people think the law will hurt them and their families versus think will help, and four times as many think the law will hurt American healthcare in the long run as think it will help.

Effect of Healthcare Law on You and Your Family So Far, February 2012 vs. November 2013


Trend: Effect of Healthcare Law on You and Your Family in the Long Run

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