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Morning Round-Up 11-6

By on 11.6.13 | 9:07AM

Feature of the Day: Here’s Guy Fawkes’ Signature Before and After He Was Tortured

Morning Headlines


Associated Press

  1. Christie, McAuliffe, Winners in Slate of Elections
  2. Tweaking Perry, Obama Pitches Health Care in Texas
  3. Casinos, Pot, Secession Among US Ballot Measures


  1. Christie’s next big move toward 2016
  2. Why Terry McAuliffe barely won
  3. Business-backed Bradley Byrne wins in Alabama


  1. Christie wins big in New Jersey, Democrat takes Virginia in governors’ races
  2. Liberal de Blasio wins New York back for Democrats
  3. Interest in Obamacare rises despite website problems: Reuters/Ipsos

Wall Street Journal

  1. Health Insurers Urged to Extend Policies Beyond Year-End
  2. SEC Fines a Muni Bond Issuer for First Time; Underwriter Penalized
  3. Elite Grads in Business Flock to Tech

Washington Post

  1. Now comes the hard part for Virginia Gov.-elect Terry McAuliffe
  2. Virginia, New Jersey results highlight Republican Party’s divisions, problems
  3. Elite Obama donor event in 2012 shows blurry line separating candidates and super PACs

Washington Times

  1. Virginia election shows Obamacare can be used as political weapon
  2. Obama-tied firm won plum $100K ‘Let’s Move’ logo gig, bid-free
  3. Illinois lawmakers pass bill for gay marriage


Associated Press

  1. Israeli Ex-Foreign Minister Cleared in Graft Trial
  2. UN: CO2 Pollution Levels at Annual Record High
  3. Fact Check: Israeli Claims on Iran Nuclear Program


  1. Bomb hits Damascus city centre, eight dead: SANA
  2. Netanyahu paints grim picture of peace talks for Kerry
  3. Egypt court rejects Muslim Brotherhood appeal on ban

Wall Street Journal

  1. China’s Slower Growth Puts a Drag on Western Profits
  2. Iran Talks Won’t Change U.S. Missile Plans in Europe, Kerry Says
  3. Greek Public Services Shut for Strike

Top Conservative Stories of the Day:

The American Conservative

  1. Will Israel Go Fascist?
  2. The Paranoid Style in Liberal Politics

The Blaze   

  1. A Furious Mark Levin Reacts to Republican Ken Cuccinelli’s Loss in VA. Governor’s Race—Find Out Why He’s Livid


  1. Amnesty Activists Crash Cuccinelli Concession Speech
  2. Cuccinelli, Sarvis Combine for 53% of Vote

 The Daily Caller 

  1. McAuliffe, de Blasio and Christie victory a ‘conservative nightmare
  2. Bedford: This is the worst Boston Globe op-ed we’ve ever read

  1. Cuccinelli: ‘This Race Came Down to the Wire Because of Obamacare’
  2. Student Loan Debt Owed to Federal Government Up 463% Under Obama

National Review

  1. The Christie Challenge
  2. The Big Apple’s Left Turn

Washington Free Beacon

  1. China Cyber Espionage Grows
  2. Report: DOE Withheld Data on Bankrupt Green Energy Company

Top Liberal Stories of the Day:

The Daily Beast

  1. Christie’s Reelection Triumph Is a Revenge of the RINOs
  2. Ken Cuccinelli Loses Narrowly to Terry McAuliffe for Virginia Governor

Huffington Post

  1. 6 Post-Election Narratives You’ll Meet On Wednesday
  2. House Leader Accidentally Admits GOP Has No Interest in Governing

Talking Points Memo

  1. Harry Reid Opens Door To Nuking the Filibuster for Judges



      1. Why Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Can Admit to Smoking Crack and Still Win Reelection


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