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Sessions: Senators Like “Frogs in Warming Water”

By on 11.22.13 | 2:17PM

More brilliantly understated rhetoric on the floor of the Senate yesterday from Senator Jeff Sessions. Here he's talking about Harry Reid's Senate—specifically about how younger senators may not be able to remember a time when business was handled differently in the upper chamber:

"Like frogs in warming water, we don't even realize the pan we're in has about got us cooked." Striking, almost Faulknerian. (Except Faulkner, never a stickler for clarity or concision, would have written instead, "Like some batrachian creature of interminable ignorance, they thrashed ceaselessly in the same hot chamber that would in time render them cibarious.")

Anyway, if you want to read Senator Sessions's contribution to the Spectator's annual "Books for Christmas" feature, you'll have to buy our December issue.

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