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By on 11.21.13 | 9:24PM

An article written this week that initially passed the Spectator's rigorous fact-checking process contained multiple errors of which has just made us aware. Several sources deep within the administration had agreed on the core claim of the piece, but it now appears that President Obama does not, in fact, have plans to dismantle the Statue of Liberty and return it to France. The presidential aide who relayed the key quote—that Obama said France could "take back the Eiffel Tower as well"—has recanted and now says that when he spoke to our correspondent, he was tripping on LSD with Arne Duncan and Steven Chu in Van Jones' 1967 VW woody. Additionally, the current U.S. Secretary of State does indeed speak French and is quite fond of brie, and his wife says he looks rather fetching in a horizontally striped black and white shirt, but his given name is actually John, not Jean-François. 

The American Spectator regrets these errors and has prayed to Helen Thomas for absolution, but will refuse calls to return its Pulitzer prize, which it stole fair and square by breaking into Walter Duranty's house.

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