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Morning Round-Up 11-21

By on 11.21.13 | 9:49AM

Feature of the Day: Sex in the Senate: Bobby Baker’s salacious secret history of Capitol Hill

Morning Headlines 


Associated Press

1.   A Rabbi Whose Good Friend Became the Pope

2.   North Korea Detains US War Veteran, 85, Son Says

3.   VA. Looks Into Treatment of State Senator’s Son 


1.   Trey Radel takes leave of absence from Congress

2.   The House GOP’s Obamacare playbook

3.   Scott Walker treads own path on ACA


1.   Senators move toward crackdown on sexual assault in U.S. military

2.   Detroit has paid $23 million to consultants through October 1

3.   Jailed 11 years for murder, Kennedy cousin could be freed on bail

Wall Street Journal

1.   Drop in Traffic Takes Toll on Investors in Private Roads

2.   Karzai Says He Won’t Sign U.S. Deal

3.   Fed Casts About for Endgame on Easy-Money Policy

Washington Post

1.   Insurers restricting choice of doctors and hospitals to keep costs down

2.   How Obamacare has fared in each state

3.   The Senate is at Defcon-1 and is about to change forever. Here’s what that means.

Washington Times

1.   Federal bureaucrats take initiative—to by pass computer firewalls and see porn

2.   Feds took Times reporter’s notes from police evidence room

3.   Fight ignites over last section of border fence; El Paso site called key part of history

Top Conservative Stories of the Day:

The American Conservative

1.   The Tocquevillian Case for High School Football

2.   Rethinking Reagan

The Blaze

1.   MSNBC Panel Explodes After Professor Accuses Conservative Columnist of Deploying ‘White Privilege’ To ‘Silence a Black Man’


   1.   Unleashing America’s Energy & Economic Potential on Federal Lands

   2.   Politico Writer Shares GIF of Himself Burning American Flag 

 The Daily Caller     

1.   Iranian leader: Nuclear negotiations merely a maneuver to reach Islamic goal

2.   O’Keefe video captures nonprofit Obamacare enrollment group conspiring to engage in political activity

        1.   Warren: ‘This Is the Moment When We Talk About Expanding Social Security’

        2.   Obama: ‘We’re Not Lavishly Spending on A Whole Bunch of Social Programs’

National Review

        1.   Fifty Years After Dallas

        2.   Obamacare-Speak

Washington Free Beacon

        1.   Despite Promises, Obama Planning to Close ICBM Squadron

        2.   Rice Warns China to Curb Cyber Espionage

Top Liberal Stories of the Day:

The Daily Beast

       1.   Marco Rubio Says He’ll Do Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy—But Better

       2.   How a Game of Tag Turned a Texas Campus Into Immigration’s Ground Zero 

Huffington Post

       1.   Pat McCrory: We Didn’t ‘Shorten Early Voting,’ We ‘Compacted the Calendar’

       2.   Dems Battle Unemployment Expiration With Christmas Metaphors

Talking Points Memo

       1.   How Obamacare Could Become a Secret Weapon for McConnell’s Opponent

       2.   Obama’s Letter to Karzai: US Will Respect ‘Afghan Sovereignty’


          1. Video Game Allows Players to Reenact Newtown Massacre


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