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Jack Levin’s Gettysburg

By on 11.20.13 | 1:58PM

Readers will note that on today’s Most Viewed list is Jack Levin’s Gettysburga review I wrote of Mr. Levin’s book Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Illustrated a while back.

With the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, it is more than appropriate to take a moment and ponder the events of those three days in July and what they meant to America. As Jack Levin’s son Mark pointed out on his show last night, when one hears Oprah and others go on about America’s defects, it is worth recalling the horrific sacrifices that took place in Gettysburg during that summer of 1863.

The fact that President Obama refused to show up to mark the 150th  anniversary of Lincoln’s speech says all one needs to know about what goes on in the mind of a president who sent the bust of Winston Churchill back to the Brits.

Last night in the first hour of his show, Mark Levin played a segment from Ken Burns's epic Civil War documentary from 20 years or so ago. There is the inimitable voice of historian David McCullough describing in riveting detail the graphic horror that was Gettysburg, with Levin discussing the famous speech that flowed from the battle.

For those who seem to think that history is irrelevant to the present, not to mention the future, it is worth a listen—particularly in a day and age when we have a president whose stated objective of transforming America is suddenly if belatedly understood with every vanishing health insurance policy.

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