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Morning Round-Up 11-19

By on 11.19.13 | 9:55AM

…that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom – and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. –The Gettysburg Address

Morning Headlines


Associated Press

1.   Gettysburg Address Event to Mark 150th Anniversary

2.   Farm Bill Takes Aim At State Animal Welfare Laws

3.   Albuquerque Votes on Late-Term Abortion Ban 


1.   Obama to insurers: No bailout

2.   John Kerry vs. the ‘Babble’

3.   Chris Christie: D.C. lacks ‘human relationships’ 


1.   Health law helpers finding more luck on

2.   Obama: website to be ‘easiest place’ to get healthcare, eventually

3.   Detroit could pay higher loan rate, unsealed letter shows

Wall Street Journal

1.   Latin Migrants Shift Sights From U.S. to Neighbors

2.   Christie Says GOP Must Reach Out

3.   New Discord Emerges on U.S.-Afghan Agreement

Washington Post

1.   Obama’s ratings tumble after health-care flaws

2.   President Obama’s credibility problem

3.   How much did cost? (Part 2) 

Washington Times

1.   Biden calls on higher power to save Obamacare and his hopes of higher office

2.   Iranian embassy in Beirut in chaos as blast kills 23, injures scores

3.   NSA snooping programs taken to federal court

Top Conservative Stories of the Day:

The American Conservative

1.   Tea Party Communitarian

2.   Nixon and Kennedy: The Myths and Reality

The Blaze

           1.   If These Claims By ‘Reliable Sources’ Are Proven True, The Obama Administration Will Be Dealing With Another Huge Scandal


  1.   DEA: Cartels Expanding U.S. Territory, Meth/Heroin Smuggling

  2.   Obamacare Conference Call Spoiled By Website Failure 

The Daily Caller      

1.   A Q&A with Joe Scarborough on how the GOP can win back the White House

2.   Obamacare closes tax deduction for Americans affected by losing existing health plans

  1.   Treasury Forced to Issue $1T in New Debt in First 6 Weeks of FY14

  2.   Vatican Removes Pope Francis Interview: Not Reliable on ‘Each Individual Point Analyzed’

National Review

       1.   Obama’s Noble Lies

       2.   Devastating Polls for Obama and Obamacare

Washington Free Beacon

      1.   Pentagon: Drone Strikes to Remain Indispensable Weapons Against Terrorists

      2.   Nearly Half of Government Employees Say Favoritism, Political Coercion Tolerated

Top Liberal Stories of the Day: 

The Daily Beast

     1.   Black Water Founder Erik Prince: War on Terror Has Become Too Big

     2.   Syria’s Christians Flee Kidnapping, Rape, Executions

Huffington Post

     1.   Chris Christie Rips GOP For ‘Bad Decision-Making And A Loss of Courage’

     2.   Elizabeth Warren: Expand Social Security

Talking Points Memo

     1.   Why The White House’s Latest Plan Is Both Good and Bad For Obamacare

     2.   Quote of the Day


        1. Walmart Holding Canned Food Drive For Its Own Underpaid Employees

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