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Morning Round-Up 11-15

By on 11.15.13 | 10:04AM

Feature of the Day: Do We Live in the Matrix?

Morning Headlines


Associated Press

1.   Lack of Younger Enrollees Threatens Exchanges

2.   House GOP Getting Its Say on Cancellations

3.   Boys a Bit More Likely Than Girls to Be Born Early


1.   The Obamacare fumble

2.   Barack Obama’s messy breakup with insurers

3.   Mad as Hell


1.   Exclusive: U.S. official in July feared ‘crash’

2.   CIA collecting data on international money transfers: media

3.   U.S. Navy to declare Boeing’s P-8A spy plane ready for use: sources

Wall Street Journal

1.   White House to Allow Insurers to Continue Canceled Health Plans

2.   Yellen Stands By Fed Strategy

3.   Democratic Lawmakers Running for Cover

Washington Post

1.   Health-care law problems test loyalty of Democrats in Congress

2.   ‘Keep Your Health Plan’ Act spells trouble for dozens of Democrats

3.   The benefits of partnerships between Silicon Valley and government agencies

Washington Times

1.   Obama slams lobbyists, then hires one to help Obamacare

2.   Forget the Koch brothers: Big Labor took advantage of easier campaign finance laws

3.   Michelle Bachmann says she lost her health insurance under Obamacare


Associated Press

1.   China to Abolish Labor Camps, Ease 1-Child Policy

2.   Tight Sochi Security Regime Raises Rights Concerns

3.   Caroline Kennedy Arrives To Take Up Tokyo Position


1.   Plan to destroy Syrian chemical weapons awaits Albanian decision

2.   Israel’s Peres warns against feud with U.S. over Iran

3.   EU says Spanish controls at Gibraltar do not break law

Wall Street Journal

1.   Lew Seeks Details on China’s Agenda

2.   U.N. Says Iran Has Virtually Frozen Nuclear Program in Last Few Months

3.   Philippines Raises Death Toll From Typhoon Haiyan

Washington Post

4.   FBI director warns of cyberattacks; other security chiefs say terrorism threat has altered

5.   Egypt hosts top Russian officials, a sign it is turning further away from alliance with U.S.

6.   U.S. lists two Nigerian Islamist groups as terrorists

Top Conservative Stories of the Day:

The American Conservative

1.   JFK, Warmonger

2. Editor Demands FBI File Fix 

The Blaze

1.   This Could Be One of the Best Cases Ever Made Against Common Core—No One Expected It To Come From A High School Student


   1.   After Apology, Obama Vows to ‘Push Back’ Against Healthcare Critics

   2.   UK Minister: Violence Threatens Christianity With Extinction in Areas

The Daily Caller      

1.   Obama plays humble amid ObamaCrash, but maneuvers for advantage

2.   Latest James O’Keefe video leads to call for inquiry to Sebelius-linked group

         1.   Obama: For 98% Pledge Was Either True or They Wouldn’t Care It Was False

         2.   WH Predicts: Taxes Will Hit Record $3T in FY14--$29,673 Per Full-Time Worker

National Review

        1.   Why Liberals Are Panicking

        2.   Cancel Obamacare

Washington Free Beacon

        1.   Obama-contra

        2.   China’s Communist Party to Set Up Security Committee Amid Growing Repression

Top Liberal Stories of the Day: 

The Daily Beast

       1.   Obama Pivots, Democrats Panic on Health-Care Rollout

       2.   Pot’s Black Market Backlash

Huffington Post


       1.   Nancy Pelosi Scolds John Boehner: Does Less Work Than ‘Family of Retirees’

       2.   House Republican Shames GOP Members on Stalled Immigration Reform

Talking Points Memo

      1.   Companies Use Obamacare Confusion To Sell ‘Junk Insurance’

      2.   Enter the Grifters


         1. Today’s Republicans Really Are More Radical Than Ever



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